Divorce Attorney Shin Ending Explained, Episode 12 (Finale) Recap; The Final Battle

Divorce Attorney Shin Ending featured the final battle between lawyer Shin Sung Han and Jin Young Joo. Episode 12 aired on JTBC Sunday, April 9, at 10.30 pm KST. People from various parts of the world, including the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, India, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Peru, Denmark, Europe, Australia, South Africa, and the UK, watched the finale with subtitles on Netflix.

Lawyer Shin Sung Han did everything to win the custody battle of his nephew in the last episode of Divorce Attorney Shin. He began his preparation by looking for similar cases. But he failed to find a custody battle filed by an uncle. At one point, the attorney lost hope, but his friends cheered him. Sung Han backed off from the divorce case of Ma Geum Hee to help his nephew.

In the meantime, Young Joo used her power to win the custody battle. She convinced her father-in-law, Seo Chang Jin, that her decision would help his grandson to stay healthy and happy. The business conglomerate agreed to help his daughter-in-law with one condition. She must give up everything if the court verdict goes against her. She agreed with the condition and confidently looked for the court hearing.

Meanwhile, Sung Han found out why Ma Geum Hee filed for a divorce case against Seo Chang Jin. Since the lawyer did not want her to sacrifice her life for his nephew, he convinced her to settle the case. She agreed to the settlement. Her lawyer met with Seo Chang Jin to discuss the final compensation. The business conglomerate accepted the conditions of his wife's divorce lawyer. Seo Chang Jin appointed his lawyers to work on the custody battle of his grandson.

Divorce Attorney Shin
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Divorce Attorney Shin Ending

Sung Han gathered the necessary evidence to prove Jeong Guk's ineligibility as a father. Attorney Shin's friends -- Jang Hyeong Geun and Jo Jeong Sik -- helped him prepare for the custody battle. His co-workers -- Lee Seo Jin and Choi Jun -- also contributed to the case. After the first hearing, the lawyer did not know if he could win the case. The lawyers of Young Joo were well prepared to take him down.

Sung Han continued fighting. He spoke with Seo Jeong Guk and made him realize his mistake. Finally, Jeong Guk stepped forward and revealed the truth. His statement as a witness helped Sung Han win his custody battle for Seo Gi Yeong. The court verdict came out in favor of the lawyer. He won the custody battle of his nephew. Seo Jeong Guk got limited custody of his son.

Divorce Attorney Shin episode 12 featured Lee Seo Jin making her comeback as a DJ at the radio stations. Meanwhile, Jang Hyeong Geun and Kim So Yeon took the next step in their relationship. The couple prepared for a European trip. Choi Jun won the child support case. Ma Geum Hee did not give up on her divorce case. She said it is tiring to live with Seo Chang Jin.

While everybody got their happy endings, Park Yu Seok lost his case and his license as a lawyer due to illegal practice. It was revealed in court that the divorce attorney of Shin Ju Hwa took money from Young Joo and fabricated the evidence. He cried for help in the finale.