Sean Herman: Nashville Cop Arrested and Charged With Misconduct after Being Fired for Groping OnlyFans Star in X-Rated Fake Traffic Stop Video

Police previously said that Herman was wearing his uniform during the explicit video, which was produced by local celebrity Jordin.

A Nashville police officer, fired last month for appearing in a raunchy OnlyFans video while on duty, was arrested and criminally charged on Thursday, authorities reported. Sean Herman, the former officer, now faces legal issues after he was caught in an online video over a month ago, in which he was seen groping an OnlyFans star's breast during a staged traffic stop.

Herman was fired for donning his full uniform for a cameo in "Can't Believe He Didn't Arrest Me," an explicit OnlyFans video created by a local star Jordin. However, there appears to be more trouble for the disgraced cop after his arrest as he now faces jail time.

Fired and Now Arrested

Sean Herman
Sean Herman X

The 33-year-old was arrested at his home and charged with two counts of official misconduct on Thursday, according to Metro Nashville police, as reported by WZTV.

Police previously said that Herman was wearing his uniform during the explicit video, which was produced by local celebrity Jordin.

The video starts with Jordin seated behind the wheel of a car with a man in the passenger seat. The next shot in the video shows a police cruiser signaling them to pull over. At that point, Jordin tells the man, "I'm not going to get a ticket... I'm going to show him my t–s," according to News Channel 5.

A cop then approaches Jordin's car window, resting his hands on the open window frame without being visible from the shoulders up.

He identifies himself as "Officer Johnson of PD." When the officer requests Jordin's license and registration, she tells him that she does not have the correct documents and proceeds to pull down her top, exposing her breasts.

Sean Herman
Only a portion of Sean Herman's shoulder and badge is seen in the X-rated video Instagram

"Ma'am, it's 2024. I can see t–s on the internet any time," the officer — whose face is still obscured — scoffs in reply.

The cop then accepts Jordin's invitation to grope her boobs, and as he does so, she is seen groping his crotch.

Never Expected It Will Get Him Arrested

The policeman shows off a small piece of what looks to be a Metro Nashville Police Department badge when he reaches into the car to harass Jordin.

Sean Herman
OnlyFans creator Jordin is seen in the video while only Sean Herman's badge and shoulder are visible Instagram

"Had we not seen that patch, I don't know if we'd be having this conversation right now," News Channel 5 investigative reporter Levi Ismail said in an Instagram video on the story.

Although the officer's face isn't visible in the video, a portion of his police patch on his arm was briefly exposed as he reached for the OnlyFans creator's breast, revealing his affiliation with the Nashville department.

Authorities reported on Thursday that their investigation confirmed the video was filmed on April 26 in a warehouse parking lot while Herman was on duty as a patrol officer, according to WZTV.

Herman served on the force for three years before he was fired.

Metro Nashville police previously described the officer's actions as "completely outrageous."