Did an Alien Just Visit India? Police Unfold Mystery Surrounding Humanoid-Shaped UFO

The humanoid-shaped UFO that appeared in the skies of India has made many believe that aliens have visited earth

A creepy incident recently took place in Uttar Pradesh India, and several people witnessed a strange unidentified flying object (UFO) in the skies. As the humanoid-shaped object hovered in the skies in an eerie manner, several people started claiming that aliens have invaded the country.

UFO Incident in India

The strange flying object was spotted in Greater Noida's Dankur area, and it later landed in a canal near Bhatta Parsaul village. Soon, residents in the area gathered around the area to see the alien that visited the earth. The local police officials also rushed to the spot and found that the alleged alien was actually an Iron Man balloon.

Noida Police

"It was a balloon filled with air that had gone up in the sky and later came down and got stuck in the bushes along the canal. A part of the balloon was touching the flowing water in the canal which had led the balloon to shake a little. Unknown to the spectators, this made for an anxious watch," Dankur's Station House Officer Anil Kumar Pandey told PTI.

Pandey also added that the unusual shape of the balloon has made many believe that it could be alien from deep space.

"It was shaped like the Ironman given its color and design. This was an unusual sight so some people even thought that it was an alien or something like that, and were apprehensive," added Pandey.

Similar Incidents in the Past

This is not the first time that manmade objects were misinterpreted as alien UFOs. A few weeks back, thousands of people witnessed a mysterious flying vessel in New Jersey. Video of the event soon went viral, and it made many believe that alien disclosure is near.

Even though conspiracy theorists consider the UFO sighting in New Jersey a perfect proof of aliens visiting earth, skeptics dismissed these theories, and made it clear that the object in the skies was a Good Year blimp.

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