Saitama Kicks out a Zero, Rises 50% in the Day's Trade Post Saita Wallet Release Date is Made Public

Saitama investors remained glued to their screens last night as the coin saw a phenomenal rise as it knocked out a zero from its trade in real time and rose +50% in the day's high despite the crypto market dip.

Its day's low began at $0.000000008757 and straightaway climbed the stairs to all its glory by removing a zero and headed to $0.000000012020.

Saitama Inu Coin Token Cryptocurrency

From having eight zeroes yesterday, Saitama is now trading with seven zeroes and achieved this feat in less than four months of its launch on May 31, 2021.

The rise can be attributed to the upcoming Saitama Wallet known as 'Saita Mask' as the coin's official Twitter handle confirmed that the upcoming wallet is all set to be released on November 13, 2021 and is currently in Beta testing mode. The news of the wallet made investors pump in their money and in return propelled the price to reach its all time high (ATH).

Reports are also doing the rounds that Saitama developers are doing their paperwork to get the coin listed on major trading platforms and The International Business Times was the first to predict that Robinhood and Coinbase Pro are considering to list SAITA and would make an official announcement about the development soon and allow millions of investors to buy and sell the coin with the click of a button.

''November 13th will go down in history. Also, tomorrow I am dropping several since I just got off the phone with our legal team and they gave me the green light! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday tomorrow we eat a zero!'' tweeted the COO of Saitama in regard to the wallet update.

Saitama's official Twitter handle also confirmed, ''SaitaMask will be rolled out for internal Beta with Website registration for beta. Reviewing documents and paperwork for the one of top 10 exchange we mentioned next week. With SaitaMask you can buy or sell other cryptos on the app (SaitaSwap on some specific tokens).''

Early investors of Saitama are expected to reap a fistful of dollars when the coin eats up all its zeroes in the long run. At the time of publishing SAITA was trading at $0.000000012443 and is up +39.5% in the days trade. The coin has risen 1385% since 30 days trading days.