SafeMoon's Thomas Smith 'Papa': Rug Pull Claims Against Me are False and Unsubstantiated

SafeMoon's Chief Blockchain Officer (CBO) Thomas Smith, who is lovingly known as 'Papa' in the crypto community, has two jobs. One is to rightfully manage the growth of SafeMoon (paid), and the other is to fight a constant battle of allegations on social medial that he's not in it for the 'rug pull' (unpaid).

The allegations against Smith have turned so intense that claims of 'rug pull' won't go unnoticed on all forms of social media; be it Twitter, Facebook or Reddit, every day there's someone warning about an upcoming SafeMoon rug pull. But is there truth to it? Well, nobody knows!

SafeMoon CBO Thomas Smith Papa

Keep aside regular investors, even HEX founder Richard Heart openly called SafeMoon ''a scam'' and compared it to the ponzi scheme 'Powh Coin' that drained out its investors wealth in a rug pull and shut shop in 2018.

The speculations of an upcoming rug pull is spread so wide on social media, that new investors are put off with the thoughts about investing their money on SafeMoon in fear of losing all their wealth.

This type of negativity is the sole reason why SafeMoon has failed to attract newer investors into its fold and its count has mostly remained stagnant at 2.6 million investors. Also, many want to sell off their holdings but cannot because SafeMoon is down 90% from its all time high and investors would incur losses if they decide to sell.

While managing and running a crypto is a tough job, Smith's unpaid job of fighting off allegations seems be the toughest job as his character is on the line and all of this is taking place in a public setting for everyone to see.

In a recent war of words with a few users on Twitter, (who accused him of being a fraud) Smith aggressively defended himself claiming that he's in it to benefit SafeMoon investors and not himself and also called accusations of an upcoming rug pull completely false and baseless.

SafeMoon Thomas Smith is not a fraud
Twitter / Thomas Smith @papacthulu

In a reply to an accuser who said that he would get ''boat load of money'' from SafeMoon, Thomas Smith rubbished the allegations by saying, ''I'm not mad, it's that these rug claims against me are not only false but unsubstantiated.''

Smith, in the same tweet, also wished the accuser a goof life. ''Wish you all the best regardless,'' he said and in a follow up tweet that the ''FBI is always welcome to ask me questions''.

SafeMoon Thomas Smith is not a fraud
Twitter / Thomas Smith @papacthulu

Also, SafeMoon's Thomas Smith would soon appear in David Gokhshtein's 'Unfiltered' show and the program is scheduled to take place sometime in October (time and date is not revealed yet).

Speaking exclusively to The International Business Times, Gokhshtein said that the audience can expect him to ask ''real questions'' to Smith.

"I'll be asking him questions about everything related to SafeMoon. What we can expect moving forward, what's been happening. Expect me to ask real questions,'' said Gokhshtein.

SafeMoon, at the time of publishing, was trading at $0.00000139 and is down -4.2% in the days trade.

This article was first published on October 4, 2021