David Gokhshtein to Host SafeMoon's CBO Thomas Smith 'Papa' on the Unfiltered Show

SafeMoon's Chief Blockchain Officer (CBO) Thomas Smith who is lovingly known as 'Papa' in the investment community is all set to feature on the Unfiltered show hosted by David Gokhshtein, the founder of Gokhshtein Media and CEO of PAC Protocol.

Gokhshtein confirmed that Smith has agreed to be a part of the show and tweeted, ''Just to let you all know — @papacthulu will be coming on around October. So know that he did reach back out.''

David Gokhshtein Thomas Smith SafeMoon Papa Unfiltered

The Unfiltered show with Smith is scheduled to be held sometime in October but an exact date has not been confirmed yet and would be chalked out based on his availability.

Gokhshtein stated that he would be focusing on asking Smith about his plans and ideas to scale SafeMoon further and get an overview of where the token is headed next.

''I'll be asking him questions about everything related to SafeMoon. What we can expect moving forward, what's been happening. Expect me to ask real questions,'' said David Gokhshtein exclusively to The International Business Times.

David Gokhshtein Unfiltered Talk Show Cryptocurrency
Twitter / David Gokhshtein

Apart from Smith, many other ''big time guests'' are expected to be a part of the show, revealed Gokhshtein.

However, when pressed to reveal more details about the identity of the big guests, Gokhshtein answered ''Can't say,'' and hinted that it would be a surprise to viewers when the show is released.

Gokhshtein also invited crypto influencer Matt Wallace on the Unfiltered show but it seems like he might not make it to the show and is yet to respond to the invite.

However, as soon as Smith confirmed his presence, Wallace' ruffled a few feathers and sent out a mean tweet targeting Smith by saying, ''I am curious Thomas... did you buy the likes for this ratio from the money you guys got after rugging Safemoon or did you use other funds?''

Wallace, who is a critic of SafeMoon got a befitting reply from Smith who hit out at him for the first time by replying, ''I realize now, Matt you struggle with me having engagement on my posts? Don't worry, they're real with the exception of the burner fud accounts that harass me daily. Otoh, thanks for shouting out my work so much. DOGE-1 to the moon!''

As the beef between the two escalated, investors quickly poured in their comments on the Twitter thread and some called Wallace a coward and accused him of chickening out by not accepting to be a part of Gokhshtein's Unfiltered show, as he is known to ask serious questions and not beat around the bush. Many others even questioned Wallace's knowledge of the crypto market.