Which Celebrities Have Invested in SafeMoon Cryptocurrency? Here's the Complete LIST

After Dogecoin failed to deliver as per expectations and hype, investors got hold of newer coins in the market that's available for less than a cent. SafeMoon cryptocurrency is now in the limelight as several celebrities and influencers have endorsed the coin tweeting regularly that's it's the 'next big thing'.

We have curated a full list of celebrities who have purchased and endorsed SafeMoon and are helping it rise to new levels and also hoping it would reach 1 cent and $1 thereafter.

SafeMoon Cryptocurrency Coin

1. Jake Paul

UFC Boxer Jake Paul was among the first celebrities to endorse SafeMoon and tweeted twice about the importance of the cryptocurrency. The boxer also created several videos on his YouTube channel with 20.4 million subscribers highlighting that an investment in SafeMoon has the capability to make everyone rich in the long run.

2. DJ Afrojack

Dutch DJ Afrojack jumped in on the SafeMoon hype in April and whipped up a frenzy with his 2.5 million followers by simply tweeting SafeMoon in all caps with an emoji and the message was sent that he's a holder of the new crypto and the official Twitter handle of SafeMoon replied ''Welcome''.

3. Brett Ratner

Director and producer of the Rush Hour series Brett Ratner is also an investor of SafeMoon and is encouraging other investors to pump in their money and make it reach the magic number of $1 and also tweeted about it.

4. Daniel Keem

American YouTuber and streamer with 5.8 million subscribers set pulses racing in April after he tweeted that his investment in SafeMoon brought returns in such big numbers that he's on the path to become a millionaire if the same upward trajectory continues.

5. Ben Phillips

One among the most popular and loved prank video artist from the United Kingdom, Ben Phillips, who has a subscriber base of 4.64 million on YouTube, tweeted that he has his money invested in SafeMoon.

6. Joel Brown

Australian master coach, speaker and the founder of Addicted 2 Success is an avid enthusiast of SafeMoon and took on the haters who poked fun of the cryptocurrency after its bounce back on April 23 and felt proud that while every other coin traded in red on that day, SafeMoon stayed strong in green.

7. Jesse Wellens

YouTube star Jesse Wellens, with a whopping 10.7 million subscribers, tweeted that SafeMoon investors need to hold their assets for a longer period as things take time and would be rewarding in the end.

Jesse from his now deleted tweet said on April 22: ''Seems that #SAFEMOON got way too popular than it could handle. Whalers jumped in pumped and dumped. Such a strong hodl community. I still believe.. things take time.''

While Dogecoin was all the rage and talk of the town just a month ago, thanks to Elon Musk's constant promotion of the meme cryptocurrency on Twitter, interviews and Saturday Night Live (SNL) 'The Dogefather', the coin quickly fizzled out after touching its lifetime high of $0.68 on May 8, 2021 and is trading at $0.31 at the time of publishing while SafeMoon is trading at $ 0.0000040.