Shiba Inu 'Loaded' on Robinhood App, Announcement to be Made Soon About Listing

Shiba Inu is ''loaded and ready'' on the Robinhood app and the trading platform will make an official announcement about listing SHIB sometime in September, claims financial analyst Del Crxpto.

Robinhood is ''waiting on timing'' about the listing, as Coinbase Pro is all set to list SHIB on their platform today and would be available for purchase at 9AM PT.

Shiba Inu Robinhood App

The insider claims that Robinhood wanted to list Shiba Inu much before Coinbase Pro but are now left in a position to wait as Coinbase Pro has made the first move.

''911 Insider Info: @RobinhoodApp. I have been told that $SHIB is loaded and ready for release on the @RobinhoodApp system, it has been for some time. They are simply waiting on timing and inner office debate has begun regarding @CoinbasePro forcing their hand,'' tweeted Del Crxpto about the latest development on getting SHIB listed on trading platforms.

''I am hearing rumors that @RobinhoodApp feels pressured by @CoinbasePro announcing $SHIB trading. Many of us original crypto analysts feel @RobinhoodApp announcement is coming,'' he said in a chain of tweets about Robinhood's plans to list SHIB.

Shiba Inu just recently got listed on WeBull trading platform and the coin shot up 23% and is trading in green with no signs of dipping despite Bitcoin crashing 10% and dragging the market along with it.

The International Business Times on September 1, 2021, predicted that SHIB would rise around 25% this month and our prediction turned out to be accurate as the coin rose 23% after nine days and touched $0.00000814 in the days high yesterday.

A listing on Robinhood and Coinbase Pro will further boost SHIB's prospects and even has the capability to knock out a zero from its trade as a large number of investors will pour in their money making the price to shoot up further.

All eyes are on Shiba Inu lately as a mysterious and unidentified whale purchased 150 billion coins worth a staggering $1,126,500 in September's biggest pump and converted ETH holdings to buy the large amount of SHIB.

The coin is available for less than a cent and is attracting new investors into its fold. The coin is also the third most talked about cryptocurrency on social media and is only below Bitcoin and Ethereum, as per a report from ICO Analytics.

Shiba Inu at the time of publishing was trading at $0.00000700 and is up 23% in the days trade.