HEX Coin Ducks Market Trend Again, Trades in Green Despite Bitcoin and other Coins Slip 10% and More

HEX Coin is among the handful of cryptocurrencies that ducked the market trend and remained trading in double digits 'green' while Bitcoin and other coins crashed 10% or more reaching new lows after El Salvador made BTC a legal payment.

HEX, which crossed 40 Cents on September 6, 2021, didn't pay heed to the market crash and remained trading independently in the indices and shot up to 45 Cents marking another 'All time high' and is now inching towards touching 46 Cents.

Hex Cryptocurrency Coin

The International Business Times was the first to predict that HEX would cross 40 Cents before October and our prediction turned out to be accurate as we quoted financial expert Dara Gadziala, who said: "I think within the next two months we could see a 40 cent Hex Coin. Right now it's almost back to the all time high and if it breaks past $0.18 there is nothing to stop hex."

At that time of prediction on August 8, HEX was trading at $0.12 (32 days ago).

HEX Coin Crypto Chart Pattern

HEX has been displaying extreme bullish sentiments and is adding buying pressure which in turn is making the price to shoot up. Another factor to its rise is that the 'Buy' orders have drastically increased while 'Sell' orders have reduced and investors are holding on to the coin, in return making it grow to new highs.

Richard Heart's HEX, which is less than two years old, has grown 552,366% in just 607 days and has made early investors sit on heaps of cash as the coin was available for purchase for as low as $0.00015000 during its launch on December 2, 2019. The chart patterns shows HEX steadily climbing the cliff and its YTD shows it has risen 19198.3% in a years time.

HEX trades in green during market crash

HEX investors who now proudly call themselves 'Hexicans' are all over social media spreading the word about how the coin turned their life from rags to riches overnight and are seen congratulating their fellow investors for reaping the rewards of richness.

At the time of publishing, HEX was trading at $0.45 and is up 15.2% in the days trade. The price is expected to shoot up further and a new prediction about the coins prospects will be out soon.

This article was first published on September 9, 2021