Ryan Kelly, Wife Lose Baby Girl Into 19th Week of Pregnancy; Reveal Baby's Heart Stopped Suddenly

Ryan Kelly, Indianapolis Colts center, posted a gripping tribute describing the loss of his baby girl, Mary Katherine Kelly. The NFL player's wife, Emma Kelly, suffered a miscarriage at 19 weeks of pregnancy.

Kelly posted the details of his loss on Twitter account claiming that nothing made him happier than being dad to his baby girl.

Ryal kelly
Indianapolis Colts center, Ryan Kelly and his wife Emma Kelly holding their daughter. Instagram

Foetus's Heart Had Suddenly Stopped

The Daily Mail reported that last Wednesday that Mary's heartbeat had suddenly stopped. After being in labour for 24 hours, Emma gave birth to Mary at Community Hospital North in Indianapolis, Indiana on Friday. She was 7 inches long and weighed 3.67 ounces, according to the outlet.

Sharing his grief and pictures of the baby and grieving parents, Kelly wrote, "Nothing made me happier than being your Dad. You gave your Mom and I that gift. You were simply a miracle and always will be."

"I'm sorry you never got to open those sweet eyes and see us or take your first steps but you have angel wings now. You left this world too soon but we know God had a bigger purpose for you. Your mom and I find comfort knowing you're being loved on by your great grandparents. Thank you for watching over us and your future siblings. I'll forever wonder who you'd be today. Until we meet again my sweet girl, I love you," wrote the NFL player who also posted Mary Kate's handprint.

Emma Kelly Penned Her Tribute to Daughter

In a separate post on Instagram, Emma spoke about her loss. "Please understand this post is necessary for us, so that we may begin our healing and accept our new reality... This page has always been a page to share updates in our life. Typically all the best ones and most recently our pregnancy journey and how beyond excited we were for our baby,' she wrote.

"This cannot be an exception even though it is far from happy. There is no easy way for us to say what we're about to say... but we lost our sweet baby, Mary Katherine Kelly, aka Mary Kate, this week," she added.

The grieving mother also revealed that she was 'one week from the halfway mark' when their daughter's heart stopped beating. "I learned her little heart just stopped for reasons unknown on Wednesday afternoon after rushing to the hospital upon discovering a little bleeding. After learning she wasn't with us anymore, I was told there was no other choice but to deliver our baby next. Ryan and I spent almost 48 hours in the hospital. I labored for 24 hours with her before she made her entrance on December 17th," read the post.

"She was tiny, perfect and incredibly loved from everyone who knew she existed. I don't think we'll ever understand why God decided to call her home when he did but our faith is unshaken. He knows better than we & she was needed back home, in Heaven," it read.