Running Man's Gary Kang in Singapore on Saturday; says he has no girls, no money and no job

Gary Kang correctly pronounces the native Malay name for Singapore

Kang Gary
Rapper Gary Kang.

Rapper Gary Kang will be visiting Singapore to meet his fans on February 11, he revealed in a live Instagram question and answer segment. He also had a very peculiar but interesting way of pronouncing the name of the island city-state he would visit this Saturday while mentioning that Chilli crab is his favourite choice of dish.

Website points to a tweet by one Jaszmine Fareed where she quotes Gary Kang speaking about his forthcoming visit to Singapore. "Singapurrrrr, singapurrrr! I will go to singapurrr. This week i go to singapurrr! I wanna eat chilli crab. My faborit food," Gary Kang said, as quoted by the twitter user.

Gary was obviously very excited by the prospect of visiting Singapore as well as gulping down a plate of Chilli crab that perhaps led to his incorrect pronunciation of the name of the island city-state off southern Malaysia. But to cut him some slack, the original Malay name 'Singapura' was derived from Sanskrit 'Simhapura' which meant 'Lion city' or 'City of Lions.' The suffix "pur" is derived from the Snaskrit word "Pura," meaning "city." The Bengali community in India also has a habit of pronouncing "Singapur." The region was founded by Hindu prince Sang Nila Utama in 1299 who used the Sanskrit language of their Indian spiritual ancestors.

Gary who recently made a surprise guest appearance in 'Running Man' also revealed in the same Instagram live event that he knows about a very popular Singapore nightclub called Zouk at 17 Jiak Kim Street. Of course he mispronounced again. "I know singapurrr club. Juke!! Juke!" (Which he meant ZOUK) the way he said "om telolet om" & starts bursting out laughing tho" the tweet by @JASZMlNEFAREED read.

However, in addition to the bucket-loads of joy that he carries with him, some sadness is bound to follow wherever Gary Kang goes. The ex-Running Man member revealed that he is still single. "No girls, no money" and that he "don't have work" either. Frustrated at his current situation he swore "f**k life." All this was done in good humour of course, meant to leave his Singapore fans in splits. The Twitter user who quoted his words on social media obviously was laughing hard, as evidenced from her exclamations and choice of emojis.

This is not the first time Gary visits Singapore though. He had previously visited the city in October of 2015 where he visited a Polytechnic school as part of Running Man's 'School's Out' segment, as reported by The Straits Times.

How many of you are looking forward to seeing Gary Kang in person? Make your preparations soon as he will be in Singapore this Saturday.

This article was first published on February 9, 2017