Running Man Member's Week
'Running Man' cast during a meeting for "Member's Week" 2017 project.

The popular SBS variety show "Running Man" recently received criticism for the mission that Song Ji Hyo was forced to endure. Avid fans took to social media to express their anger and frustration towards it.

The show continued with its "Member Week" special and the fourth installment focused on the weakness of Haha. Given the musician's indecisiveness, the production team gave several challenges where Haha was asked to save one member of the show from a gruesome fate.

On Feb. 5, the show featured several tasks that the members had to complete and the tasks given to the members where something related to their phobias. Yoo Jae Suk was given the task of bungee jumping to confront his fear of heights, while Kim Jong Kook, the health advocate was asked to eat ramen and cake.

However, the task assigned to Song angered many fans. The actress is apparently afraid of only two things - bugs and ghosts. And, in the said episode of "Running Man", the South Korean actress was asked to put her hand inside a glass box full of large bugs and many other creepy crawlers. Song got really scared, cried and begged Haha to choose her so that she can save herself from those bugs and creepy crawlies.

Eventually, Haha saved the actress who instantly ran away from the bug-filled box and even tripped a number of times which showed how traumatized she was.

Song's reaction sparked criticisms; netizens believed that the production team went way too far with this. The members had to go through pain and trauma in the name of entertainment and this was really hated by the fans of show.

In other news, the cast members of "Running Man" will meet their Asian fans in a special meet and greet event. According to Korea Herald, Song, Kim, Haha, Lee and Ji Suk Jin will be travelling to Macau, Taipei, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Yoo will not be joining them because of his busy schedule.