Running Man: Gary's surprise shocks to his co-stars finally revealed

Song Ji-hyo happy to see Gary again.

Gary_Running Man
Gary Kang in the latest episode of 'Running Man.' Running Man

On January 29, while the 'Running Man' members were engaging in a battle of superpowers, pretending to be fictional characters like Sherlock Holmes, James Bond and humanoids from the movie 'Avatar,' a surprise guest arrived to everyone's shock. That surprise guest was none other than rapper Gary Kang, who had left the show in November 2016.

As noted by Soompi, Gary appeared all of a sudden with his "Lol-lol Clones" and shocked everyone. Lee Kwang-soo was Gary's first target as numerous clones jumped on him. However, when he heard Gary's voice it seemed as if he had seen a ghost.

"It was on short notice but thank you for inviting me. It's been a while, but I won't go soft on them," Gary spoke about his strategy regarding the games at 'Running Man.'

Kim Jong-kook, Song Ji-hyo and Haha, who are all in the same corridor where Kwang-soo gets pounced on, look confused upon hearing Gary's voice and tried to identify its source. Kwang-soo still could not believe his eyes and looked in shock. The group then proceeded to discuss what they saw with their eyes or heard: that Gary was back to 'Running Man.'

Instead of celebrating, the members were angry that Gary was back after he caused them immense sorrow when he decided to leave the variety show.

"Wasn't he stopping [for good?] What about our feelings?" Haha said, talking about Gary's return to 'Running Man.'

Lee Kwang-soo however, pointed out that Song Ji-hyo, who was one half of the 'Monday Couple' with Gary, was the most heartbroken with Gary's departure.

"Ji Hyo Noona (older sister) is going to cry again today," Kwang-soo observed, to which Song Ji-hyo said angrily, "He's so annoying. If he's going to appear, just come out quickly."

Yoo Jae-suk, who was essaying a comic version of James Bond and Ji Suk-jin who was dressed in the classic Sherlock Holmes costume were told about this development because they were in Running Man jail. Actually, the most interesting moment of the show was Gary going soft on Song Ji-hyo and smiling like a little kid after spotting her. He just melted before her and couldn't act aggressively as he was doing before spotting her. He even said: "I can't take Ji Hyo's tag off!"

Song Ji-hyo and Gary's 'Monday Couple' reunion was sweet, however, her attitude, was a bit restrained. Instead of giving Gary a bear hug, she just shook his hand and said she was glad to see him again. Hopefully, Gary will stay back for a few more episodes, seeing that 'Running Man' won't end in February, as was declared earlier. Watch a clip from the episode, here.

The next episode of 'Running Man' will air on February 5.

This article was first published on January 31, 2017