Why women love Gong Yoo: Goblin co-star Park Kyung-hye gushes about wonderful gift

'It was a more valuable gift than anything else. I was just happy and thankful..'

Park Kyung-hye
Actress Park Kyung-hye (left) in episode 11 of 'Goblin.' youtube.com/tvN DRAMA

Tvn drama 'Goblin: The Lonely and Great God' ended its successful run on January 21 and sailed to the top of the viewer ratings chart. However, fans are having trouble letting go of the supernatural-romance drama, especially because of wonderful acting in the show. One of the supporting actors, Park Kyung-hye, had her birthday this January and Gong Yoo gave her a beautiful gift.

As reported by Allkpop, actress Park Kyung-hye talked about performing alongside South Korean star Gong Yoo in 'Goblin.' She narrated what happened on her birthday, when they were filming for the drama. "We filmed once on my birthday. Kim Go Eun sunbae told Gong Yoo sunbae that it was my birthday. He told me happy birthday and gave me a handshake, so I was able to spend a very thankful birthday," she said.

The actress was obviously very happy that a star as big as Gong Yoo made sure to wish 'Happy Birthday' to her. Gong Yoo is extremely popular among women. In a special appearance in SBS's 'Running Man,' it was announced that Gong Yoo has been setting the hearts of women from 10 to 50 on fire. He need not have cared. But the fact he did reveals his sweet nature. "It was a more valuable gift than anything else. I was just happy and thankful that I was able to film with Gong Yoo sunbae," the actress gushed.

Kyung-hye also revealed that she didn't get to film many scenes with the 'Train to Busan' actor. "I don't really have many scenes with Gong Yoo-sunbaenim. Most of my scenes are getting scared by his character and running away," she said. Park Kyung-hye played a version of the virgin ghost with flowing black hair, pale skin, wearing a white dress that we have seen in so many horror movies. However, Kyung-hye's character is cute and funny and sometimes causes unintended trouble for Kim Go-eun's character Ji Eun-tak. Then the Goblin has to come and save his bride from trouble.

However, she noted that it was Kim Go-eun who told Gong Yoo about her birthday. In a very recent interview with OSEN, as mentioned by ILoveKStars, the actress talked about Kim Go-eun and said "Kim Go Eun has a lot of charm, and I fell in love even if I am a woman," adding "Most of the time I was with Kim Go Eun, I took all meals, warm coffee and snacks."

She also said that her ghost character was not created to be a nuisance to Eun-tak but was initially a lonely soul and thanked Kim Go-eun both in-character as the ghost as well as being herself, saying "Thank you for being my friend in a difficult world."

Well, the cast and crew of 'Goblin' are headed to Thailand's Phuket island, on February 6. Hopefully, she'll be travelling with them and come back with even sweeter memories with her co-stars.

This article was first published on January 31, 2017