Romi Chase: Former Teacher Ditched Job to Join OnlyFans after She Was Asked to Cover Up Her "Curves"

The Polish model realized that her curvy body and big breasts would help her make a career in the United States.

A former teacher decided to quit her job to join OnlyFans after she was asked to "cover up" her curves by school authorities. Polish bombshell Romi Chase claims that she now makes more than $1 million by posting her nudes on OnlyFans and is enjoying it. And she did it in just 16 months.

Chase, who has an equally big fan following on Instagram, also posts her saucy photos on the platform. However, she has claimed that OnlyFans has given her a new life and also given her confidence a boost to do something meaningful in life. And she doesn't mind using her curvy body to make those bucks.

Ditching Her Job

Romi Chase
Romi Chase YouTube Grab

Chase taught English in Poland before she decided to move to the United States in search of a better life. She initially didn't get a work permit so couldn't manage a teaching job. That was in 2019. So, the 28-year-old Chase fell into glamour and boudoir modeling when her work permit was finally granted in 2019.

However, there were other reasons behind Chase's decision to leave Poland. During her days as a teacher in her home country, Chase would often be asked to cover up her curvy body in class. "I couldn't embrace it back home because the beauty standards there are strict – blonde, blue eyes, long legs and no hips or you're not very attractive," she said, according to a report in The Sun.

"And being a plus size girl in Poland and embracing your sexuality is like a sin, you're not supposed to. It's like: 'you're fat, so cover up'," she added.

That said, she realized that curvy body and big breasts would help her make a career in the United States. So, she decided to try out something online and joined OnlyFans. "Having big boobs and a small waist is the desired look here, and I got so much attention," Chase said.

"I've always been really creative and a sexual person. I embraced that attention and dressed cute, and then felt more comfortable showing it off online," she said.

Living Her Life

Romi Chase
Romi Chase YouTube Grab

She finally realized that she was happier and felt more "empowered" being a model on OnlyFans and decided to quit her job. Chase calimed she she'd received "hundreds" of offers for photo and video shoots after settling in Florida and in September 2019 she decided to invest in lighting and building a brand for herself.

Posing on OnlyFans and entertaining her fans is now "a full-time job" and she also learnt that one has to "treat it as such in order to become successful." "On average, I work 12 hours a day and since I'm in control of everything I keep my schedule flexible, so I can adjust to whatever is working that day," she said.

Today, Chase makes more than $1 million from posting her raunchy snaps. And she knows what sells on OnlyFans. "I took marketing myself seriously and knew that less is more in this industry. I show skin but I market it in a teasing way so people want to spend money – exclusivity is very important," she said.

She claims that many of her fans are of the opinion that she is uneducated by she holds a master's degree – which many find "shocking".

Chase, however, doesn't mind that so long she gets to make more money on the adult website