Saffron Rose: Beautician Who Quit 'Underpaid' Job to Turn OnlyFans Model Making $45K a Month

The 34-year-old, from California, initially struggled to make a living on the platform but is now one of the hottest properties on OnlyFans.

A woman, who was tired of her daily boring job in a beauty salon because she was "underpaid", decided to quit and join OnlyFans and now is one of the most sought-after names on the adult website. Saffron Rose, a beautician by profession, decided to post her raunchy snaps, which are now fetching her thousands of dollars.

And she is happy with her new life. The 34-year-old, from California, initially struggled to make a living on the platform but is now one of the hottest properties on OnlyFans. Rose, who is equally popular on Instagram, posts her raunchy photos on the platform also.

New Life

Rose had a hectic work schedule as a beautician but was only earning $10 a day. Fed up with her boring job she finally decided to quit and make some big money. And she decided to showcase her "most popular assets" online on OnlyFans. Today, she earns a whopping $45,000 by posting her saucy photos on the website, where she has 35,000 dedicated fans.

"I was so unhappy in my day-to-day job and was constantly being micro-managed. The last job I had before swapping careers was really awful. I worked for a medical device company and it was really grueling," said Rose to The Sun.

Rose said that the hectic work hours were not only making things bori8ng for her but was also taking a toll on her health. "The hours were long and I often worked weekends, and my health suffered as I started developing chronic illness symptoms that wouldn't go away because I was so miserable," she said.

Finally Happy

Finally she decided to change her life and she took the plunge. However, it wasn't done in haste. She was a bit nervous but decided to create her cam girl account before leaving her job.

"I remember making my cam girl account six months before I decided to take the leap, because it was scary – but one day I just turned on my webcam and had the most amazing time. I quit my vanilla job the very next day and I never looked back," she said.

That said, it wasn't that easy for her. She had her share of struggles but she was happy that she was finally doing something on her own and decided never to work for someone else in the future. Moreover, she was happy doing what she had wanted.

"It's been touch and go, and I haven't always made $45,000 a month but through the struggles, nothing compares to the freedom of being your own boss and not having anyone making you feel bad about yourself," Rose said.

"Running an OnlyFans page is your own personal business, so you get to call all the shots. I love the freedom I have now and the fact that I can be creative and dress up in pretty lingerie and take pictures/videos and call it my job," she added.

However, Rose says that many believe her job is easy as it involves nothing but posting steamy photos. But it is something than that. Rose takes it takes a lot of hard work to take one snap and then post it but she doesn't mind that given that she is willing to work harder.

Moreover, Rose, who has more than 33,000 followers on Instagram, makes sure to have plenty of clips ready to go and isn't a day she doesn't post for her fans.