Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim season 3 predictions: Will SBS renew the show again?

High television rating and cast members' willingness to reprise their roles increases the chances of 'Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim' to return with a new season

The cast and crew of Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim are still in hopes of returning with a new season soon. Stars like Han Suk Kyu, Kim Min Jae and So Ju Yeon have already shared their excitement about appearing in season 3. Actor Kim Min Jae even spoke about how he wants his character to be explored in the third season.

The followers of this medical drama are also looking forward to hear about an official announcement from SBS about the show's renewal. But the broadcasting channel and the production team are tight-lipped about it. It does not mean that the viewers cannot expect a third season for the show. At this point, it is worth noting that it took three years for the team to come up with a second season.

The fact that all the cast members of this mini-series are still in touch with each other raises hope for a new season. The production team is also trying to engage the viewers with new videos, behind-the-scenes footages and interviews of the cast members.

Will Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim return with season 3?

The second season of Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim successfully completed its 16 episodes run on February 25 with a personal best viewership rating of 27 percent. An increase in viewership ratings itself is a proof that the show was a big hit and none of the broadcasting channels will say no to a show with good viewership ratings.

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim
A poster of Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim season 2. SBS

Another factor that increases the chances of this popular medical drama to return with a third season is its story line. The mini-series never revolved around one or two characters. Every character in the show had a story to share with the viewers. And, some of the most popular characters, like nurse Park Eun Tak and freelance anaesthesiologist Nam Do Il, are yet to share their stories with the viewers.

Third factor that increases the chances of show renewal is the willingness of cast members to return for a new season. Familiar faces always attract viewers and that was the major reason for a successful run of Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim season 2. The viewers can never get enough of Dr. Kim Sa Bu aka Boo Young Joo and Han Suk Kyu has already opened up about his willingness to appear in another set of episodes.

So, let's wait for an official announcement from the production team about Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim season 3. Until then, catch up with all the episodes of season 1 and 2 online here.