Dr. Romantic 3: Casts open up about show's renewal

The cast members of Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim, including Kim Min Jae and Han Suk Kyu, are in hopes of returning to screens with a new chapter in the future

Dr. Romantic, which is also known as Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim concluded its second season on February 25 with a personal best viewership rating. The popular SBS medical drama recorded a television rating of 27 percent for its final episode. So, the cast members, like Kim Min Jae and Han Suk Kyu, were in hopes of returning with a third season in the future and it is confirmed.

The hit medical drama is returning with its third season in 2023. The new sequel will focus on the various challenges faced by Kim Sabu and his students. The production team confirmed the renewal news on Thursday, September 15.

The mini-series that premiered on November 7, 2016, was loved by Korean drama lovers world-wide because of its excellent plot and thrilling story. When the show ended in January 17, 2017, there was an increased demand for more from the K-drama fans. So, the production team came up with a second season that premiered on January 6 this year.

Though the show focussed on some new characters in the second season, it was still loved by people across the globe. The medical drama witnessed an increase in viewership ratings with each episode. The mini-series that began with a nationwide rating of 10.8 percent, ended with a 27 percent rating, according to Nielsen Korea.

Dr. Romantic season 3

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim
Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim season 2 came to an end. SBS

The followers of this medical drama series were looking forward to the third season and the cast members shared their hopes of a return to the screens. While lead cast member Han Suk Kyu assured his appearance as Kim Sa Bu for the next season, actor Kim Min Jae spoke about some story ideas for the third season.

Actress So Ju Yeon, who portrayed fourth-year emergency surgery specialist Yoon Ah Reum in the medical drama, also shared her thoughts about the show's renewal. She also shared her excitement about reprising her role in the new season.

Here is what cast members had to say about season 3:

So Ju Yeon - [The cast] said to each other that we'd like to do a Season 3. I don't know whether it'll happen, but if it does, I'd definitely want to be a part of it no matter what.

Han Suk Kyu - If the opportunity arises, I will wait with hope and anticipation for a third season.

Kim Min Jae - I personally am hoping that there will be a third season. I was so happy while filming. It was such a rewarding project, so if I receive an offer to star in a third season, I think I will definitely do it. Although there has been no detailed discussion about season three yet, [the actors] are always asking for it, saying, 'We want to do season three'.

I'll feel grateful if Park Eun Tak stayed where he is right now. If I was to be a bit more ambitious, I think it'll be fun if it showed how he met Kim Sa Bu and how he came here. I think he was someone with a rebellious past who reflected on his life thanks to Kim Sa Bu and entered Dol Dam Hospital. Like everyone at Dol Dam Hospital, he corrects his values at Dol Dam Hospital after meeting Kim Sa Bu.

This article was first published on March 7, 2020