Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim season 2 will be back with its final episode on SBS this Tuesday, February 25, at 9.40pm KST. Episode 16 (finale) will continue to focus on the rivalry between Dr Kim Sa Bu aka Boo Young Joo and President Park Min Guk. The final chapter will also reveal the fate of Doldam Hospital.

Followers of this medical drama series in Korea can watch the final episode on TV by tuning in to SBS this Tuesday at 9.40pm KST. Korean drama lovers in the country can also stream it on their laptops or smartphones through the official website for the broadcasting channel. K-Drama fans from other parts of the globe, including the US and the UK, can watch episode 16 with English subtitles on Wednesday, February 16 through various streaming sites.

What to expect in episode 16

The finale of Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim season 2 will reveal the fate of Doldam Hospital and its staff members. While the president is doing his best to shut down the hospital, young surgeon Seo Woo Jin is trying hard to stop them from doing it. It remains to be seen who will succeed in their mission.

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim
Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim season 2 is coming to an end. SBS

Followers of the medical drama will also get to know more about the future plans of Kim Sa Bu and Chairman Do Yoon Wan. While fans are expecting Kim Sa Bu to get his happy ending, viewers are also looking forward to seeing Do Yoon Wan pay for his evil doings in episode 16. It remains to be seen if Kim Sa Bu will become the new president of Doldam Hospital.

The last episode of the popular SBS mini-series may also feature a happy ending for all the staff members of Doldam Hospital, including Cha Eun Jae, Yoon A Reum, Bae Moon Jung, Jung In Soo, Nam Do Il, Oh Myung Sim, Park Eun Tak, Joo Young Mi and Manager Jang Gi Tae.