Actress So Ju Yeon, who portrayed emergency surgery specialist Yoon Ah Reum in the SBS medical drama Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim season 2, recently opened up about her relationship with co-star Kim Min Jae. The actress revealed that all her feelings were "genuine" while filming the romantic scenes with the 23-year-old actor.

After watching the onscreen romance between So Ju Yeon and Kim Min Jae in the mini-series, there were several speculations doing the rounds about their real-life relationship. Media and K-Drama fans were curious to know if they are dating in real life. Even though the actors were repeatedly asked about it, they always said they are more like a family.

At first, So Ju Yeon was asked about her relationship with Kim Min Jae during an interview with Nylon Korea last month. And, the actress said they became close friends during the filming of Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim season 2. So, it was really difficult for her to act out romantic scenes with him.

Is So Ju Yeon dating Kim Min Jae in real-life?

Kim Min Jae and So Ju Yeon
Actors Kim Min Jae and So Ju Yeon Instagram/Kim Min Jae

In a recent interview, the 26-year-old actress shared details about the various methods she used to make her feeling look "genuine" while filming romantic scenes with Kim Min Jae. The actress said she had to put in a lot of efforts to make her feelings look real as she is "not talented at acting".

"So when I film a sweet, romantic scene, I listen to a lot of romantic music and try to prepare myself as much as possible. I try to style my hair as prettily and neatly as possible, and I work hard to make my own heart flutter," Soompi quoted the 26-year-old actress.

Find out what Kim Min Jae has to say about his relationship with So Ju Yeon

Actor Kim Min Jae also said it was not really easy to make his onscreen relationship with So Ju Yeon look real in Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim season 2. In order to encourage the viewers glued to the storyline, the cast members had to post some sweet photos and videos on Instagram.

"We are close friends. We took photos to encourage people to tune in, so we just took them while discussing, 'What should we post this week?' After seeing the response, the people on set jokingly said, 'Good luck, you two. Aren't you two dating?' but I was thankful because it meant we acted that well, and she was a really good [acting] partner," the 23-year-old actor said.