Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim fans may soon get some updates from SBS about the show's renewal for a third season. Actress So Ju Yeon recently revealed that all the cast members of season 2 are willing to reprise their roles in season 3. According to her, they are just waiting for a call from the production team to reunite.

This is not really surprising as there was increasing demand from followers of the medical drama series to renew the show for another season after it successfully completed its first 20 episodes. The production team renewed the show for a second season and the SBS drama returned with season 2 three years after it concluded its first season.

Now, the cast members are also hoping to reunite for a new season and they opened up about it after the finale of season 2 .Actors Han Suk Kyu and Kim Min Jae were the first ones to talk about their readiness to be back in the show with a new season. Since both the actors were part of the drama series since its first season, they can surely keep viewers glued to the screens.

Recently, cast member So Ju Yeon also spilled some details about reprising her role as Dr Yoon Ah Reum in the third season of the popular medical drama series. During an interview with Grazia, the actress revealed that she is looking forward to be back in the show in a matured away. She also spoke about how much she adorned the character.

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim
Fans hope for Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim season 3. SBS

"All the actors, including me, are hoping for season 3. I'm just waiting for a call from the production team to be a part of this project. I hope by then I will be able to portray a slightly matured Yoon Ah Reum. I was so happy to play the role that I adore the most. The character treats everybody equally and she has no predispositions or biases. She also carries good energy and she works really hard. These are some of the qualities that I love to have in me," the actress said.

Though high television ratings and cast members' willingness increase the chances of Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim to return with a third season, the production team and SBS are tight-lipped. Followers of the show may have to wait for the next three years to watch the third season.