Rime is undeniably beautiful but fails in some aspects: Critics

Rime is an adventure and puzzle video game hugely lauded for its stunning artistry and brilliant sound effects.

Rime has just been released yesterday by Tequila Works on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC with a mixture of reactions from critics. Almost all critics agree that the game is undeniably beautiful and enchanting but fails in some aspects.


Rime is an adventure and puzzle video game hugely lauded for its stunning artistry and brilliant sound effects.

Polygon's Justin McElroy says the game is a piece made for both the eyes and the ears. "Visually, Rime is lovely. It's a vibrant world full of life that really is joyful to explore...Rime was created to be seen, to be heard. The beautifully orchestrated score is equally sweeping and soaring", writes McElroy.

Tequila Works takes a heavy inspiration from Journey and Ico for its abstract audiovisual—no text, no clues, and no in-game cues. Although this is considerably a bad move for some, others have enjoyed as a nice missing piece in the puzzle.

Game Informer's Kyle Hilliard says Rime's world and story stand out. "It pulls the player through strange seemingly disconnected environments, slowly revealing its true meaning as you move deeper. In the end, everything is sharply pulled into focus with a simple, but dramatic final story revelation and level", writes Hilliard.


However, Tequila Works cannot get away the peering eyes of the critics. Despite its very impressive visual and sound quality, Rime has quite a many shortcomings that overweight the commendable.

A good story makes or breaks a game. GameSpot's Oscar Dayus emphasizes Rime's narrative as a problematic aspect of the game, forcing players to spend more time to understand deciding which way to go. "Although Rime looks and sounds gorgeous, its visual splendor is locked behind frustrating, shallow puzzles and an incomprehensible story, meaning you spend more time figuring out where to go than taking in the world around you", writes Dayus.

McElroy has a similar experience with regards to its mechanics saying guidance—may it be spoken or written word and signposting—are there to guide the character.

Apart from PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Rime will also be available on Nintendo Switch but no exact date has been dropped yet. Rime is available for US$29.99.