Tumblr reveals most shipped Overwatch characters

Tumblr reveals new data showing Overwatch as the second most used tags in the microblogging and social media platform.

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Tumblr has just released a new data revealing how massive the Overwatch fandom is. One of the most interesting bits in this data is the most shipped characters in the game.

Just a year after its pilot, Overwatch has taken the gaming community by storm. A data coming from Tumblr shows a huge number of overly creative but intimate contents. One that spurs curiosity among others is the pairings created by fans on the microblogging and social media platform.

Most shipped characters

Within 358 days, the tag #overwatch has gathered almost 150 million engagements, the second most used on the site. American gunslinger McCree and Japanese Archer Hanzo pairing called McHanzo is the most popular pair, gathering 35.03 percent of the entire tags.

Below is the complete of the top 10 most shipped Overwatch characters in Tumblr:

1. McHanzo (McCree and Hanzo)

2. Reaper:76 (Reaper and Soldier: 76)

3. Pharmercy (Pharah and Mercy)

4. Widowtracer (Widowmaker and Tracer)

5. Roadrat (Roadhog and Junkrat)

6. Genyatta (Genji and Zenyatta)

7. Gency (Genji and Mercy)

8. Meihem (Mei and Junkrat)

9. Mercykill (Mercy and Reaper)

10. Mercy76 (Mercy and Soldier: 76)

Record-breaking feat

This record-breaking success of Overwatch is not worth downplaying, according to the Tumblr Fandometrics blog. This data speaks well of the triumph of the shooter video game in the gaming sphere, most especially it is still in its first year since it hit the market. The game that follows next to Overwatch in the list is Pokémon placed at the 20th spot.

More importantly, Blizzard's masterpiece has beaten down popular TV shows and generic tags like #GIF and #art.

This article was first published on May 27, 2017