Ultra Street Fighter II receives mixed reviews from critics

Ultra Street Fighter II is too pricey according to game critics. At US$39.99, the game's price does not justify its shortcomings.

Ultra Street Fighter II has received mixed reviews fresh out of Nintendo Switch. Being one of the much-awaited games for the console, it came out today with a twinge of disappointment in tow.

Too pricey for an old game

Game critics all agree that Ultra Street Fighter II is the kind of game that Nintendo needs for Switch. For them, however, Capcom has become unreasonable for dropping a price tag that is too much for an "old game". Ultra Street Fighter II costs a staggering US$39.99.

Forbes contributor Ollie Barder underlines that "the pricing does not feel distinctly out of proportion" for a revamped game from nine years ago. Polygon's Michael McWhertor echoes Barder in an almost similar manner saying, the game's costliness makes "it feel like a bold-faced attempt to squeeze a few more dollars out of excitable Nintendo Switch owners looking for a proper fighting game and something new to play on the system".

"This version of Ultra Street Fighter 2 brings a few new things to the fight, but none of it has a lasting impact that justifies the price", says Post-Gazette's Max Parker. He adds, "The Switch's excellent portability can only carry this game so far".

To better understand why critics feel as such, here's a rundown of where this new fighting game come from.

Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers is the 2017 version of Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, a game released in 1991. Its gameplay is based on the iteration Street Fighter II Turbo which was released in 1994. It brings the updated high definition graphics of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, a game launched in 2008.

The 2017 instalment is playable on HD, an upgrade that Capcom may have considered the justification for the price. It also brings two new characters—Violent Ken and Evil Ryu. Although they are not completely new to the series, they are considered an impressive addition to the game's roster.

Positive feedback

Ultra Fighter II: The Final Challengers takes fans to a brand-new Street Fighter experience. The main game modes have been a smash favorite for the critics, particularly the Buddy mode that allows two players to beat down an enemy. In spite of his issue with a copy's value, Barder admits that the game "is still great to play on the Switch".

Critics have also lauded Capcom for Ultra Street Fighter II's impressive gallery and character colour editing mode. The game is visually stunning and its extraordinary flexibility gives players the elbow room to switch between the high definition version and the original arcade graphics. The same goes for the audio quality.