Magikarp Jump tips and tricks: How to master the game

Learn how to master Magikarp Jump with these tips and tricks.

Magikarp Jump has just been released by Game Freak on iOS and Android devices this week. Magikarp Jump's gameplay centers on training Magikarp to soar as high as possible. By feeding it, this Pokémon increases its jumping ability to soar new heights. Trainers can bring their Magikarp to a competitive duel and see how the Pokémon has progressed. League Champion is the highest level trainers can reach for their Magikarp.

How to master the game

Here are tips and tricks that trainers can take note and apply to master Magikarp Jump.

First and foremost, be painstaking when selecting the pole. As much as possible, be patient when fishing. Do not stop until the best Magikarp comes and give it a unique name. When meeting strangers and they give nuggets, do not hesitate to accept them. When meeting officials, ask them to review Magikarp's jump because they may give trainers some tips and tricks.

When it comes to coins, there is no better way to use them than on upgrades and items. To make Magikarp happy, give it a drinking soda and a ton of praise. To make it even happier, let it eat berries whenever it wants to. Do not ever reject the achievement rewards because that is a lot of cash to ignore.

Respect is the manly part of the fish. Teach it the basics so it grows a courteous Pokémon. Unlike in real life, buying a lot of friends is acceptable in the game. Magikarp needs them so it would not be lonely. As a trainer, it is recommended to meet other trainers and learn from them.

Critics review

Magikarp Jump is one of the few Pokémon game available on smartphones. Game critics have been optimistic towards Game Freak's move. According to Polygon, Magikarp is straightforward about the series.

"Even after playing Magikarp Jump for half an hour, it's easy to become attached to its Pokémon stars. It's one of the series' special qualities that kept it going for the past 21 years, and this game nails it", says Polygon.