Richard Heart's 'Wild September': Safemoon, Michael Saylor, Peter Schiff and Brandt Face the Brunt

HEX founder Richard Heart's unapologetic approach and taking things head on has brought him many friends and enemies alike in the crypto and stock market but that doesn't seem to have stopped him from speaking up his mind no matter how offensive it could be.

Richard Heart came down heavily on SafeMoon, Michael Saylor, Peter Schiff and Brandt all in a month's time in September.

Richard Heart HEX Punch
Twitter / Richard Heart

While he called SafeMoon a ''ponzi scheme'' and compared it to 'Powh Coin', he ridiculed Saylor for shedding doubt on Bitcoin during the early days but later purchased it at the top. He also gave 'forgiveness' to Peter Brandt after he realized that he was wrong for bad-mouthing alt-coins and called Chief Economist Peter Schiff a ''financial terrorist'' for talking ill about Bitcoin and crypto.

All of these happened in just a month's time in September 2021 at the backdrop of HEX touching its all time high (ATH) of $0.51.

Here's What Heart Said About SafeMoon (September 1, 2021)

Heart spoke exclusively to The International Business Times saying: ''If a cryptocurrency charges you a 10% fee on every transaction that you send isn't a cryptocurrency, it's a ponzi scheme. In the case of SafeMoon, the coin is a copy of Powh Coin, which was a ponzi scheme launched in 2017. Both SafeMoon and Powh Coin are the same things.''

Also, when a user asked him ''Is SafeMoon a scam?'', Heart bluntly replied with a ''Yes''.

Richard Heart says SafeMoon is a scam
Twitter / Richard Heart

Richard Heart Ridiculed Michael Saylor (September 4, 2021)

Heart in his YouTube video poked fun at Saylor for saying Bitcoin's days are numbered in 2013 but eventually gave in and brought it at the top.

''Michael Saylor was calling Bitcoin a scam back in 2013, said it would die like how online gaming died. The price went up and it went up so high, he finally said 'you know what I can't take the pain anymore. I have to finally buy it.' So what did he do? He brought the top. He's brought it at 10k, 20k, 30k. He's been averaging it up. His buys is getting smaller and smaller at higher prices,'' said Heart.

Richard Heart 'Forgives' Peter Brandt (September 16, 2021)

Peter Brandt publicly apologized on Twitter for previously talking ill about alt-coins after it came to his notice that common investors made millions from it by investing early. ''I sincerely apologize for any disrespect shown to those who climbed aboard the alt-coin train early and have the gains to show for it. Congrats on a job really well done. You exemplify the best of a new generation of market speculators. I am a dinosaur in a new game,'' tweeted Brantd.

Heart in his most uncommon ways simply replied ''I forgive you''.

Richard Heart Calls Peter Schiff a 'Financial Terrorist' (September 24, 2021)

Chief economist and commodities gold trading magnate Peter Schiff took on crypto billionaire Mike Novogratz and accepted his challenge to debate him that Bitcoin has no intrinsic value. ''There is nothing special about #Bitcoin'' and ''altcoins will keep growing until the crypto bubble pops. and predicted that the ''prices will implode almost overnight.''

Schiff's tweet didn't go down well with a lot of crypto enthusiasts and Heart came down heavily and called him a ''financial terrorist''. ''How about I just intellectually b*tch slap you all over any medium you have the balls to face me? Hell you can even bring some backup and tag em in when your tears get too thick. You are a financial terrorist and anyone that's followed you had been massively harmed by you. Pleb.''

This article was first published on October 1, 2021