Randy Rainbow, Patti LuPone Moderates Presidential Debate In Epic Song Parody 'If Donald Got Fired' Video

Randy Rainbow Joins Patti LuPone in Epic Song Parody 'If Donald Got Fired' Video

Emmy Nominated Comedian cum actor Randy Rainbow said that it was a dream to moderate the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden this week in his tweet on Wednesday. In his latest musical parody, the famous satirist and TV Personality isn't just singing from Gypsy. He's singing from Gypsy with Broadway diva Patti LuPone.

In the video that has already created a huge buzz on Twitter, Randy Rainbow hilariously starts moderating the satirical presidential debate by saying, "Welcome to the presidential debate, two queens stand before me." He went on to ask some preliminary questions, to Biden in the video, he says "I'm bored" and then jumps on to requesting Donald Trump to condemn white supremacy real quick.

Just then both the president and Joe Biden's clip overlapping their arguments come in and Randy Rainbow couldn't control but have a panic attack. He let out a piercing shriek which leads Broadway queen Patti LuPone joining the satirist in a cloud of pink smoke. "When gay men are in crisis, I just materialize," LuPone explained.

"Patti I'm getting nervous. What if this (pointing at Trump) gets reelected?" said Rainbow. "You've gotta think positive, doll," LuPone reassures the comedian in the Twitter video. She further says, "Imagine how much better life would be if Trump got dumped."

 Randy Rainbow
Randy Rainbow Twitter screen grab

While Rainbow replies, "If Donald got fired, we could go back to life as we once knew it, miserable and unfair but at least without the daily threat of complete authoritarianism and apocalyptic destruction."

"Wouldn't that be nice?" imagines LuPone which leads to this song:

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