McDonald's Introduces Reggaeton Artist J Balvin Meal In Its Menu After Successful Travis Scott Meal

J Balvin Is McDonald's Next Artist Meal Collaborator After Travis Scott

After Travis Scott Meal, McDonald's has launched its next celebrity menu collaboration with award-winning reggaeton artist J Balvin Monday. McDonald's in its effort to draw the attention of more customers has started collaborating with celebrities naming meals after them to attract their fans. This new collaboration with singer J Balvin comes a day after its popular collaboration with Cactus Jack ended.

In a new statement released, the fast-food chain announced that the new McDonald's J Balvin Meal arrives at participating restaurants across the country on Monday and it will be available through Nov. 1. The meal will serve a Big Mac, fries with ketchup and an Oreo McFlurry.

Those who are looking forward to enjoying the new celebrity meal will have to order through the mobile app of McDonald's. It will be available to order in-restaurant, for carry-out, at the drive-through as well. Moreover, while ordering the meal as an offer on the app, one can get any size McFlurry for free, McDonald's told USA TODAY.

McDonald’s J Balvin Meal
J Balvin Meal available for a limited time

McDonald's J Balvin Meal Price

Customers should note that the prices of the new J Balvin meal at McDonald's may vary by location and the app provides the option to order any-size fries and McFlurry flavours other than the Oreo for the meal.

"I've been a fan of McDonald's since I was a kid," Balvin shared with the media from his home in Medellín. He said that when he was a kid growing up in Colombia they didn't have McDonald's until later so when he visited the United States the first thing they always did is to go to McDonald's and get his usual Big Mac, Oreo McFlurry and medium french fries.

"I've always gotten the same thing since I was a kid, no pickles, though," said J Balvin who further added that when McDonald's called him up to ask about the collaboration, he immediately said yes.