Woman kills 9-year-old-son to 'protect him'; Prays for soul with garlic, holy water

The accused had called 911 earlier that week as she imagined people were following her in cars and airplanes.

Mother and son
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A woman from Washington has admitted to strangling her 9-year-old son on Halloween day, after watching conspiracy videos on YouTube. At the time of her arrest, she had cloves of garlic, two lighters and 'holy water' on her, which she used to "say a prayer for my baby."

Kitsap County Sheriff's deputy Scott Wilson said that the child, Ryan Rosales, died of "obvious homicidal violence." Police found red marks on the mother's hand, which she said appeared when her son fought back. The woman, Amber James, has a history of anxiety disorder, for which she was taking medication, but does not have any other mental illness.

The accused had called 911 earlier that week as she imagined people were following her in cars and airplanes. On Tuesday morning, her husband called 911 again, when he discovered his unconscious son with red and blue spots all over his face.

Court documents state that Ryan's father smelled gas in the house after he had taken his shower at around 6 am on Tuesday morning. He went to the kitchen and found all four of the stove burners on. Amber denied having done it, and her husband switched off the gas and opened the windows. It was then that he noticed scratches on his wife's neck.

After this, he checked on his sleeping son and went to give him a kiss. On touching him, the father found that Ryan's body was cold and he was not responding. Immediately, he called 911 and gave him CPR. However, it was too late for the child, who could not be revived by paramedics.

The medics called the police to the family's home outside Silverdale near Wildcat Lake, as they suspected foul play in the situation. "This was a situation that needed to be turned over to detectives because there was just something about the situation that did not look right," said Wilson, as mentioned in court documents obtained by Q13 News.

Amber was detained at the Port Orchard sheriff's office for questioning, where she admitted killing her son to 'save him'. She was allegedly inspired by the political and chemtrail videos that she was watching on YouTube. Written on her walls were the phrases, "Greed kills", "Michael=Devil", "God is coming", "No pedo", "Harvest", "Spaywar" and "sex trade", said detectives.

"How do I explain to someone why I just...killed my kid? What is a good explanation of that? I killed my...kid," Amber told Deputy Trout at the hospital, where she had been taken for treatment of her injuries and mental health evaluation. She confessed that she had prayed, thought hard about what she was going to do, cried and then put her hands around her son's throat until he stopped breathing.

The mother is currently being detained in Kitsap County jail, facing charges of second-degree murder. Her next court appearance is on Friday.

Here is a footage of Amber James being taken into court.