Propose Day: Know How to Express Your Love This Valentine's Week

'I love you' is this the sentence you have been trying to tell your partner for a while now? Stop trying and just say it out loud as today is 'Propose Day', the day which is celebrated on February 8.

This day is all about expressing your hidden desires deep down in your heart to the love of your life. 'Propose Day' comes after 'Rose Day', which is celebrated on February 7, followed by Hug Day, Kiss Day et cetera. This day is not just for the people who have been trying to get into a new relationship but also for those who are already in a committed relationship. This day gives the best opportunity to those who are trying to mend a broken relationship as well.

Making your partner feel on top of the world is what this day is all about. To start with, make a surprise party plan, arranging thoughtful gifts or simply say the three word to express your desires, it is your day to seize and make this day a memorable one for your partner.

The chances for you to gather courage and reveal your longstanding feelings for your beloved becomes stronger during Valentine's week as its vibe already has its own magic to make people fall in love, you may never know when are where you meet your connection. So, if you are yet single then, this is the best time to find your soulmate.

Valentine's Week 2021: Know How To Express Your Love on Propose Day
Propose Day 2021: Express your love in the most romantic way

How to Propose to a Girl or Boy?

The Propose Day is special for those in love trying to make that first move. Irrespective of the fact that you are a girl or a boy, you must not hesitate to express their feeling directly fearing of being rejected. The day is significant for all love birds who are trying to take their relationships to the next level. There are several ideas that you can put to action for making this Propose Day special for your partner.

How to Impress the 'Love of Your Life'

1. Make arrangement for a candlelight dinner at the beach
2. Take your partner to the place where you first met to make it more romantic
3. Call your family and closest friends to speak your heart out in presence of everyone
4. If you are planning to be more dramatic, then you may propose to him/her at a bar in front of strangers
5. Another creative way to propose is to play it out on a photo album