Prison set ablaze and inmates escape after riot breaks out over Coronavirus fears in Thailand

A riot in Thailand prison on Sunday has caused the prison catching fire while inmates were inside and led to the escape of four people

A riot by the prisoners on Sunday, March 29, has led to the prison catching fire and leading to the escape of four of the inmates, the police said on Sunday. Around 100 inmates staged the riot and set the place ablaze as they tensed up with the possibility of Covid-19 infection happening inside the prison.

The incident took place in Buriram province, about 390 kilometers northeast of Bangkok. Around five of the inmates were escaping the prison when the police captured one of the prisoners. The authorities are combing the neighbourhood in search of the prisoners. The inmates revolted as they feared the new coronavirus spreading inside the prison. There are around 2,100 inmates in the crowded prison said the deputy National Police spokesman Pol. Col. Krissana Pattanacharoen.

The prisoners set the sleeping quarters, canteen and furniture workshop on fire and the firemen came to the scene and put out the fire. The situation was controlled after two inmates were shot down by the police.

The coronavirus in Thailand

Journalists imprisoned
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Thailand has had 143 new cases in the country which has brought the total number of cases in the country to more than 1,300. The total fatality of death came up to seven in the country. The country has had a spike in the cases as several attended a boxing match in Bangkok.

The nightlife in the country is very popular and has come under strong restrictions after several were infected with the Covid-19. In Pattani, Yala, and Narathiwat there is a strict imposition of a lockdown while the resort island of Phuket has asked the people to stay in past 8 PM.

The coronavirus has hit the country drastically as the beaches have become deserted and the nightlife has partially shut down in the country. The country has been recently been trying to reduce the association it has with sex tourism which was cut halfway as the number of tourists from across the world has been cut in half because of the new coronavirus pandemic.

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