Thailand increases measures as COVID-19 cases spike due to kickboxing match and night parties

More than 100 people were said to have detected with the virus after several attended a Muayi Thai match on March 6 in Thailand

Several fans of Muay Thai came to the indoor Lumpini Stadium in Thailand to attend a match on March 6 which has been speculated as a reason for the increasing number of cases in the country. More than 100 went home after the match with the possible virus in their system.

So far reports said that there are 104 cases of the Covid-19 which were confirmed after the match. The virus has been spotted in an actor, a major-general, a politician, a boxing trainer and several fans who attended the event.

Health officials fear that more cases will emerge soon because of the attendance in the event. A spokesman for the Public Health Ministry, Dr Thaveesin Visanuyothin said that if the people report themselves it would be easier for the government to track down other people who were infected by the virus.

Covid-19 after nightspots in Bangkok

Protest in Bangkok
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Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha has started to implement various measures to fight the Covid-19. Last week the Prime Minister announced the postponing of the major three-day holiday, shutting down schools and allowing provincial governors to close any gathering spaces.

The Prime Minister insisted that the country is not being shut down. He also said that the virus emergency has not reached Phase 3. The country has not banned international travel but has asked the tourists to bring health certificates from medical professionals proving that they don't have the virus. This action has been severely criticized by the world.

There has also been a detection of several cases from a single discrete source in the country. The people who were infected were a group of youth who were said to be partying in a nightspot in Bangkok where a person from Hong Kong was also attending the party. They are said to have shared drinks and cigarettes.

The government has been looking into the source and spread of the disease in Thailand. Kitti Paopiamsap, head of the Chachoengsao provincial administration organization, had attended the match on March 6. Later he is also said to have attended six weddings, six funerals, three community meetings (two of them with the elderly), three Buddhist ordinations, three fairs, and at least four other public meetings. He was tested positive for the Covid-19.

Thailand closing crowded spaces now

After a spike in the number of cases, the country has started to close shopping malls except for supermarkets with hopes of reducing the possible spread of the coronavirus. Bangkok has decided on the closure of several places including nightspots, beauty salons, and other places.

People found violating the new measure will be fined or sent to prison. There have been reports suggesting that there are cases from mass religious gatherings in Malaysia which was also attended by people from Thailand. So far there have been more than 400 cases in Thailand.

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