Man arrested for smearing lift with his saliva and sweat in Thailand amid Coronavirus fear [VIDEO]

The disgusting actions could have led to the man being infected as well

A man was arrested in Thailand after a video came out showing the man smearing a lift with saliva and sweat. The government has increased the steps against the spreading infection in the country. The Bangkok Mass Transit System told the reporters that the incident occurred at 5.23 am local time on Friday, March 20.

The 32-year-old man is seen wearing a black sleeveless tee-shirt while entering the lift in one of the stations and looks around before proceeding to wipe his saliva on various places in the lift including the lift buttons. He also touches his groin before touching the handrails and buttons on either side of the lift. The man's actions could also lead to him being infected by the virus.

Various similar incidents

Man arrested in Bangkok
Man arrested in Bangkok YouTube Grab/ Chiang Rai Times

The man's identity was not revealed although his face was clearly visible while he entered the lift. The station chief told the reporters that the staff was ordered to clean the places the man had been immediately after seeing the incident. The guards were asked to tighten the security to hopefully not have a repetition of the incident. The police were reported immediately after the station chief noticed the incident.

People are also being requested to keep an eye out for similar behavior. The BTS staff is cleaning the stations and other touchpoints more frequently because of the widespread of the Covid-19 in the country. Presently the cases have reached up to 411 in Thailand. The police told the reporters that if the man is tested positive for the virus then he could be jailed or fined for his indecent behavior.

The video came soon after another video of a woman in a train was seen spitting gum. The Chinese traveler caused panic among the citizens after she dropped a tissue with chewing gum in it while in public transport. The police tried to apprehend her for dropping the tissue on the floor and changing the seats. She was later caught and taken to the hospital to be tested for the virus. Her results came back negative.

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