Prince William and Prince Harry Getting Closer Again? Prince of Wales Seen Extending Arm to Meghan Markle Before Stepping Out to Meet Mourners

Prince William made her feel comfortable by extending a kind arm toward Meghan as they exited the gates.

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Williams, the Prince of Wales, was captured on camera extending his hand and making a welcoming gesture to Meghan Markle before their walkabout in Windsor on Saturday. The touching video has not made many Britons and experts speculate that the death of Queen Elizabeth II may have brought the two feuding brothers closer once again.

This comes as Prince William, 40, in a gesture of reconciliation invited Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, and the Duchess of Sussex, 41, to join him and Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, in Windsor Castle to meet and greet fans. William and Harry and their wives were seen walking out of the royal estate on Saturday.

'Fav Four' Together Again?

News cameras caught the scene as Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Harry, and Meghan prepared to embark on their walkabout by the Windsor Castle gates after exiting their Range Rovers.

Videos on social media show Meghan hesitatingly stepping a few feet away from the vehicle, while Harry stood close to his brother and Kate as they get down from the car at the gates of Windsor. However, Prince William made her feel comfortable by extending a kind arm toward Meghan as they exited the gates.

William and Harry
William is seen extending his arm toward Meghan who was standing at distance Twitter

Prince William took notice of this and graciously toward Meghan to join their chat and be introduced to the aide who had come to welcome the senior royals.

As the trio entered Windsor Castle to pay tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's legacy, they were greeted with cheers.

However, several others in the audience greeted Meghan with stony faces as she participated in the walkabout, even though the Duchess of Sussex was seen cooing over newborns in the crowd and even giving embraces to some of the waiting mourners.

William Harry
Prince William and Harry with Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle Twitter

The two couples' reunion on Saturday was their first time together in the public since Commonwealth Day on March 9, 2020, a few weeks before the Covid shutdown.

Making Them Comfortable

This comes after William sent an olive branch to his brother Harry on Saturday asking him and Meghan to join them on the walkabout. Harry and Meghan were coincidentally in the UK when Queen died. Harry didn't have any plans to meet the Royals but rushed to Balmoral after learning about Queen's deteriorating health condition.

William Harry
Kate, William, Meghan and Harry looking at the flowers brought by mourners a day after the Queen's death Twitter

However, he reached a bit late, much like several other royal family members, to say a final goodbye to the Queen. Harry was also the first to leave Balmoral after the Queen's death on Friday.

On Saturday, Williams took the initiative to bridge the gap with Harry by inviting him for the walkabout.

Harry and Meghan, who sensationally left frontline duties two years ago to strike out on their own in California before launching a series of shocking accusations against The Firm, also looked at the tributes.

While greeting the visitors outside the Windsor, Harry and Meghan were seen holding hands as they viewed the tributes. At one point, Harry also placed his hand tenderly on Meghan's back. As the crowd waved, they could be seen pointing to various tributes and talking about them.

Meghan Markle and Harry
Meghan Markle and Harry viewing the flowers Twitter

According to lipreading expert Juliet Sullivan, the prince reportedly told royal fans he was "overwhelmed" by the occasion. He said: "Yes, it's overwhelming, it's an incredible sight."

However, the friend and favorite journalist of the Sussexes, Omid Scobie, asserted on Twitter that the invitation was extended at the "11th hour."

However, hinting that William is prepared to extend Harry an olive branch and work towards melting the ice between them, he declared: "It is, without a doubt, a significant moment in the history of the relationship between the two brothers."

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle interacting with a girl Twitter

At one point, William received a tiny Paddington Bear, which he later gave to an assistant. At one point, as Kate knelt down once more to talk to a child in front of the gates, he was observed lightly stroking her back.

The Princess of Wales leaned down to greet the youngster as they were starting to cry, which caused the child to stop weeping.

At Windsor Castle, a small child in the crowd was seen giving the Duchess of Sussex a close hug. A child was spotted covering her mouth in disbelief as Meghan approached her from a portion of the throng there. They exchanged a few brief words before Meghan put her hand on the woman's shoulder to reassure her.

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