Video Shows Meghan Markle Being Snubbed By Women As She Greets Mourners During Crowd Meet At Windsor Castle (WATCH)

Meghan Markle has been snubbed by a woman when people gathered at the gates of Windsor Castle to mourn the demise of Queen Elizabeth II. Meghan was shaking greeting the crowd and shaking hands with some women when one of them avoided shaking her hands with Meghan.

The weird moment was captured on the camera. The Duchess of Sussex wandered around shaking hands with people, she arrived at one who dropped her head appearing to ignore her, before then raising her head and sharing a knowing look and a laugh and shake of the head with the person next to her, according to Lad Bible.

Meghan Markle
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Women Are Seen Avoiding Meghan

In the video, others among the crowd are also seen avoiding Meghan by putting on glasses and withdrawing their hands from Meghan.

Meghan is also seen being uncomfortable by the reactions of the crowd.

Women Avoided To Shake Their Hands With Meghan

A woman dropped her head to avoid eye contact with Meghan then she smiled at another woman standing next to her smirking and shaking her head. The incident suggests that not everyone is pleased to see Meghan.

Multiple other women and men who were in the crowd also avoided Meghan while she was trying to interact and shake hands with them.

However, others among the crowd were happy to see that Meghan was being ignored. Some of the crowd were also pleased by the scene. The video of the incident is uploaded on social media and it drew lots of reactions from users.

"Lady in the blue having none of it," wrote a user on Twitter. While another stated, "This is so brilliantly British. I want to give a big hug to those ladies who were no eye contact, no warmth towards her, nothing. Blank and move on!!! Well done."

"Who is this woman? I wanna buy her a pint," said another user.

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