Prince Harry a High-Value Terror Target, He's the Most At-Risk Royal: Here is Why

Days after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle rattled the British monarchy with their explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey, it has been revealed that the Duke of Sussex is most "at risk royals." The security threat comes in the wake of Harry's stint in the British military.

In the first ever detailed interview post the Megxit drama, Harry and Meghan spoke at length about the things that took place while they were active royals and what led to walking away from everything.

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Harry Under Threat For his Military Links

During the interview the couple had revealed that they were left vulnerable and without protection from the Royal Family when they moved to Canada and subsequently to the US after leaving the Royals.

"My family literally cut me off financially and I had to afford security for us... in the first quarter of 2020. Their justification was a change in status. I pushed back and said is there a change of threat or risk? Eventually, I got the confirmation that no, the risk hasn't changed but due to our change of status – we would no longer be 'official' members of the royal family," Harry revealed during the interview.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, SAS soldier Bob Craft said that as a royal, Prince Harry is clearly a target for kidnapping, terrorism and a whole range of threats.

"But his military service adds to that enormously. He will need some form of security for a long time, particularly as it is known he served in Afghanistan and was known to be a target whilst out there," added Craft.

Around a decade ago, a senior Taliban fighter had told the outlet that his men had plotted to target Harry several times while the Duke carried out tours in Afghanistan.

"There were many plans to capture him – maybe it was his good luck he managed to escape," Qari Nasrullah, an Afghan Taliban leader had revealed to the outlet.

Harry Funding Security With Inheritance Money From Diana

The Yorkshire Post reported that Harry and Meghan were provided personal security and house by Hollywood director Tyler Perry after they moved to LA.

During the interview, Harry had revealed that since moving to the Montecito, California, he has been funding the security from the inheritance money left by his mother, Princess Diana.

Speaking to Yahoo UK, Royal financial expert David McClure said that he was surprised when Harry revealed about being cut off financially. "He did get payments of up to £2.5m [from Prince Charles and the Duchy of Cornwall] to cover any additional costs of the transition. It was not as if he was totally cut off. That was very generous."

"That money was to be used in any way he so wished, including security, everyone knew security was going to be a big cost, that should not be forgotten. It happened very quickly, he had to leave Canada for California very quickly due to COVID, that was no one's fault," he said.

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