Police Launch Probe after Video of 3 Women Twerking on Top of Police Car in Chicago Goes Viral

The video clicked on a cellphone shows a patrol car driving slowly through a crowd of people while three skimpily clad women twerk on the roof and hood of the vehicle.

Chicago police have launched a probe after a video of three skimpily clad women twerking on top of a police car went viral over the weekend. The cellphone video, posted to YouTube, shows three females twerking on the hood and roof of a slow-moving Chicago Police Department SUV in front of a crowd of onlookers.

The video has been viewed more than a million times, with investigators still clueless what prompted the three women to get on top of the car and start dancing seductively. Also, it is still not known if a cop was at the wheels at the time when the three women got on top of it.

Wild Scene

Women twerking
The three women seen twerking on top of a police car in Chicago Twitter

The video clicked on a cellphone and posted on YouTube over the weekend shows a patrol car driving slowly through a crowd of people while three women twerk on the roof and hood of the vehicle. One woman can be seen on the car's roof and the other two women are on all fours on the hood. The rest of the crowd is filming the car that is being driven by another person.

The car is adorned with writing on the side, which reads "Chicago Police" and people are spotted in the crowd of people wearing Chicago Bulls merchandise. However, the date the footage was shot is unknown.

"The Chicago Police Department is aware of a video that surfaced on social media showing several females riding on a marked squad car," said Deputy Director of Chicago Police Tom Ahern who saidan investigation into the video is "currently ongoing." The three women too haven't been identified yet, although many believe that they could be strippers.

Interestingly, this wasn't an isolated incident. Across the country in Seattle, a woman was seen twerking on top of a police car in front of a jeering crowd as a wild beach party in the city descended into chaos on Saturday night.

Video footage shows hundreds of party-goers dancing on Alki beach but as the sun set on Saturday night, carnage ensued with "multiple fights and assaults", a robbery and mortar-style fireworks being thrown towards a crowd.

One woman climbed on top of a cop car, twirled with her arms in the air before twerking as the crowd cheered her on and police tried desperately to shut down the party. Another woman was seen twerking on the hood of a police car before helping another woman who climbed up on top of the vehicle to dance and twerk.

Twerking Takes Social Media by Storm

Last week another similar incident was reported in St. Louis wherein a mob jumped on top of police car that had responded to the scene of a party to break it up. The crowd jumped up and down and also twerked on top of the patrol vehicle.

Women twerking
Women twerking on top of the cop car in Chicago Twitter

One angle posted from a body-worn camera by the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department is taken from inside the cop car, showing rioters dancing on top of the car - even stomping on the windshield with the police officer inside.

One person then starts twerking on the car, which appears to be shaking violently as a result of the people on top of it. Police have since been on the hunt for the suspects.

However, the video shot in Chicago seems to have drawn the maximum number of views. A version of the video posted to Twitter has garnered more than 500,000 views, 2,300 retweets and 3,400 likes.

"Looks like the Chicago Police Department's emphasis on "positive community interactions" is taking off! Great to see!" a jovial tweet with the footage reads.