Who Was Christine Lugo? Horrifying Video Shows Armed Robber Fatally Shooting Dunkin' Donuts Manager

Lugo, 41, was opening the donut shop at about 5:30 am when a robber carrying a gun barged inside and demanded cash and then shot her at point blank.

A manager at a Dunkin' Donuts shop was fatally shot by an armed robber who forced his way into the Philadelphia business on Saturday morning, according to report said. Christine Lugo, 41, was opening the donut shop at about 5:30 am when a robber carrying a gun barged inside and demanded cash and then shot her.

Surveillance footage shows Lugo and a man engaged in a verbal altercation for a few minutes, following which the robbers takes out his gun and shoots the woman. He then leaves the scene. Police have so far made no arrests although an investigation has been launched into the incident.

Tragic Death

Christine Lugo
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Surveillance video footage released by the police shows a man following Lugo as she opens the shutter of the Dunkin' Donuts store in Philadelphia on Saturday morning. He then forces the woman inside toward a safe in the kitchen and eventually into a supply closet, where he starts threatening her.

The man initially asks Lugo to hand him over all the money she had in her bag and the cash box. Lugo, a mother of two, initially hesitates giving away the money.

The argument then heated up and the robber then takes out a gun and threatens Lugo, following which she complies and hands over the money. However, even then after taking away the money, the robber fires at Lugo from point-blank, following which she collapses.

According to police, the single bullet shot hit Lugo in her head and she died at the scene. Police reached the scene after that and an investigation has been launched. However, no arrests have been made yet. Police is now asking for local help to identify the suspect.

Killed for No Reason

Lugo's cold-blooded murder in broad daylight has left her family and friends shocked. She is also a grandma but lived alone away from her daughters and their families. She was planning to meet her family soon. Her children came to Philadelphia when they heard the news. Their mom's coworkers had covered the store in a vigil with candles, teddy bears and notes.

"My mom's goal was to get home, to get home to Massachusetts to me, my brother, her two grandchildren. And this is not how I planned to bring my mom home," said Christine Lugo's daughter, Frances Rodriguez.

"She was a special person. It's crazy that somebody can just come and take somebody's life like it's nothing," former co-worker Gilberto Melendez told WPVI.

Dunkin' Donuts, in a statement to the outlet, said: "All of us at Dunkin' are saddened to learn of the death of a restaurant manager, and our thoughts go out to her family and friends." Dunkin' Donuts is also planning on offering a $40,000 reward for information on the shooting that can be sent to Philadelphia police.

Police said there is a $20,000 reward for information that leads the suspect's arrest and conviction.