Kate Merlan: Instagram Influencer Accidentally Flashes Sex Toys in Background Leaving Fans Shocked

Merlan failed to notice that not one but three colorful vibrators were lying on the table in the background from where she was shooting the video.

An influencer was left embarrassed after she accidentally showcased her sex toy collection on social media that was viewed by millions of her followers and also other users. Kate Merlan didn't know that when she was taking a selfie to post on Instagram Stories, her sex toys were visible in the background.

However, by the time she realized the gaffe, her Instagram Story was already viewed by thousands of her followers. The German model later removed the post but definitely was left red faced in front of her fans and followers, who have been trolling her since then.

What's Peeping?

Kate Merlan
Kate Merlan Instagram

The 34-year-old model was trying to shoot her own video to tell followers about her cold on her Instagram Stories. However, Merlan failed to notice that not one but three colorful vibrators were lying on the table in the background from where she was shooting the video.

Even while uploading the video to her Instagram Story, Merlan didn't realize that what she was doing could lead to an extremely awkward moment for her. She uploaded for her 72,000 Instagram followers and within seconds realized that she has made a blunder. The German bombshell, however, didn't respond to the embarrassing moment.

Many commenters couldn't resist talking about the blunder. While some mocked her, there were also many who came in support of the model. Given that Merla is quite popular as an Instagram influencer, screenshot of the Story was also widely circulated on social media.

Facing Backlash

Kate Merlan
Kate Merlan Twitter

Merlan has since then not spoken anything about the awkward moment. Instead, she has made her account private. Some of her followers were also confused if Marlan made a mistake or took the shot purposely. However, the comments she has been receiving are both rude and funny.

One user pointed out that it was a great way to make headlines around the world. "This is not a mistake, now she's back in the game," wrote another user. Some of them were also supportive, with one writing: "So what? It's not a crime today if she enjoys it... The most important thing is to have enough batteries."

That said, Merlan isn't the only celebrity to have made such a mistake. Last year, a similar error was made by Lauren Faulkner, who left a sex toy "out to dry" in the background of her clip, that was visible on her Instagram post.

Faulkner was updating her 34,000 followers with a glimpse into her sulphate-free haircare routine but without realizing left out a flesh-colored realistic dildo which was sat on a shelf behind her. She saw the funny side though.

Shaking with laughter, she said: "Guys I just want to apologize if you're watching my Insta stories and you thought, 'Oh that video got cut short, why did she not explain that thing to me?'"

"I had to delete some of those videos because I put my phone up to the mirror to kind of like show my hair and I didn't realize that in the background of the videos is the attachment that me and Charlie use. It was just left in here to dry because we gave it a clean the other day," Faulkner had said at that time.

However, that hasn't happened in Merlan's case, as she has completely disappeared since then.