Plummeting Number of Christians Signals Second Coming of Christ: Scripture Expert

Several top evangelists believe that the recent world events including the coronavirus outbreak are signaling the second coming of Christ.

Several evangelists including Pastor Paul Begley strongly believe that the clock has already started ticking for humanity. According to these apocalyptic believers, recent world events including the coronavirus outbreak are indicating the second coming of Christ which could happen anytime soon. And now, Tom Meyer, a professor of Bible studies at Shasta Bible College and Graduate School in California, US has claimed that the plummeting numbers of Christians are also an indication of Christ's second arrival.

Christ's second coming is imminent

Meyer made this conclusion after analyzing a poll carried out by the world's leading evangelical Christian polling firm, the Barna Group. The poll results suggest that there is a downtrend in the number of people who regularly attend the church.

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According to the study report, only 17 percent of Americans attend church on a weekly basis. The group forecasts that this figure could be just 10 percent in the next 10 years.

"A staggering 36 percent fewer Americans attend church weekly than they did in 1993. Even more ominous for the future is the fact that 64 percent of young adults with a Christian background have walked away from the faith. To accelerate the problem, 20 percent of all churches are likely to be closed forever due to financial constraints because of COVID-19," Meyer told

An era similar to the time of Noah?

According to Meyer, the present events indicate that the world is going through a similar period like the 'time of Noah', where only eight people on the whole planet believed in God.

"At the time of Noah, only eight people on the whole Earth believed in God. The Bible gives very little information on what the antediluvian society was like. It is entirely possible that you, your children, or your grandchildren will be living when the signs and events that bring about the end of days begin," added Meyer.

A few months back, televangelist Paul Begley had claimed that Antichrist will soon rise as a formidable political leader, who will shape the world according to his wish. Begley predicted that Antichrist will bring darkness to planet earth, and he will also introduce a new world order.