World End Prediction: Doomsday Preacher Says Antichrist Will Rise With the Help of AI

A top Biblical preacher had previously claimed that recent world events including the coronavirus outbreak are signs of an imminent world end

Doomsday preachers including popular Christian evangelist Paul Begley have long been claiming that humanity is currently going through end times. Even though none of their predictions have turned true, adamant believers are expecting doomsday followed by the second coming of the Christ in the near future.

And now, Christian conspiracy theory blog Bible Prophecy - Signposts of the Times, has claimed that the rise of Antichrist will lead to a global coalition of the evil.

Antichrist to Make Use of Artificial Intelligence

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In a recent post on this blog, they analyzed the claims of the Antichrist being artificial intelligence (AI) entity, instead of a human leader. The blog post revealed that Antichrist could make use of AI to take control of the world.

"The global Antichrist world system is quite likely to be based on artificial intelligence and robotics, along with digital commerce, (the cashless system), biometric tracking and surveillance, (Mark of the Beast), along with genetic manipulation, (humanity 2.0). These are all current developments that are driving the world to a point of singularity where AI will take over the globe and humanity would be eliminated," read the blog post. It added that humans are now living in unprecedented times, as Jesus Christ is ready to reenter the planet.

Antichrist and the Second Coming of Christ

According to Biblical preachers, the rise of Antichrist is inevitable, and they believe that Lucifer is trying hard to stop the second coming of Christ. In Christian religious textbooks, Antichrist is often described as an evil entity who fights against God. Several conspiracy theorists strongly argue that Antichrist is mentioned in the Book of Revelations, but it is factually incorrect, as the term Antichrist can be found only in the Johannine epistles.

"It does not occur in the Book of Revelation at all, though many have the mistaken idea that it does. There are plenty of beasts, dragons, harlots, demons, and satanic legions in Revelation, but no mention of antichrists," Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington's official newspaper Catholic Standard said.

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