Pink Moon to Illuminate Skies today: What to Expect

This celestial event promises a breathtaking sight for sky gazers residents as it graces the night sky on Tuesday evening

Following its recent starring role in the total solar eclipse, the moon is set to captivate once again with the arrival of the Pink Moon. This celestial event promises a breathtaking sight for Jacksonville residents as it graces the night sky on Tuesday evening.

pink moon

But will the moon truly appear pink?

Despite its name, observers may not see a rosy hue. The Old Farmer's Almanac explains that the Pink Moon will likely display its usual golden color near the horizon, transitioning to a bright white as it ascends.

Origins of the Pink Moon Name

The Pink Moon derives its name from the blossoming of phlox, one of the earliest wildflowers after winter. Inspired by the delicate pink hues of these blooms, Native American tribes named the April full moon accordingly.

When and Where to See It

This year's cosmic spectacle extends beyond the Moon, with Mars, Saturn, and Mercury also gracing the night sky. NASA indicates that peak illumination will occur at 7:49 pm EDT on April 23, remaining visible throughout Thursday morning. Residents of Jacksonville can anticipate the Pink Moon rising in the east shortly after sunset on Tuesday at 7:58 pm, lingering until 7:00 am Wednesday. It will remain visible in the western sky during the early morning hours.

A Tradition of Moon Names

Naming full moons has been a tradition for centuries, often rooted in Native Americanlore. These names reflect seasonal changes and natural phenomena. Examples include the Wolf Moon for January, Snow Moon for February, and Worm Moon for March. This event is also known as the Sprouting Grass Moon, Egg Moon, Fish Moon, or the Pesach or Passover Moon. For North American observers, Tuesday evening, April 23, offers the prime viewing opportunity as the full moon rises in the east shortly after sunset, as per a report by NASA.

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While the Pink Moon may not be as pink as its name implies, it promises a dazzling display worth observing. Mark your calendars for Tuesday evening to witness this stunning lunar spectacle firsthand!