Is Pink Moon a bad omen? Doomsday mongers term it as indication of end of the world

Several doomsday mongers believe that earth will face several catastrophic events during the Pink Moon

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"Supermoon" appears in the sky over Cairo, Egypt, on Jan. 31, 2018. (Xinhua/Ahmed Gomaa/IANS) Xinhua/Ahmed Gomaa/IANS

A rare pink moon will grace the skies all across the globe on April 07 and 08, and as usual, doomsday mongers have outlandishly started arguing that this celestial phenomenon is an indication of the world's end. These bizarre claims have gone viral on online space, and amid coronavirus scare, several people believe that humanity should prepare for the worst in the coming days.

Will the lunar surface appear pink?

Even though known as a pink moon, the lunar surface will appear more orange in color on April 07 and 08. It should be noted that the pink moon is the result of various space phenomena that occurs at once. This celestial phenomenon usually happens when the moon, earth's only natural satellite comes unusually close to the earth during a full moon, and as a result, it can be considered a Supermoon.

Will Pink Moon cause natural disasters on earth?

Even though conspiracy theorists assure devastating effects on earth during a pink moon, there are no substantial pieces of evidence to back their claims. However, a section of experts believes that pink moon will increase the seismic activities on earth.

As per these experts, the gravitational pull of the moon on earth will slightly destabilize the tectonic plates, and it will cause a rise in seismic activities. It should be also noted that a supermoon will also cause large tides in oceans. However, scientists assure that the effects of a pink moon on earth will be very minimal, and it will not cause any devastating effects, as predicted by doomsday mongers.

Why this phenomenon is called Pink Moon?

As per Farmer's Almanac, the phrase 'Pink Moon' was initially coined by Northern Native Americans. These people named it after a spring flower called Wild Ground Phlox. Interestingly, these flowers have got a pink hue and they used to blossom in April, and as a result, the Supermoon in April got the name, Pink Moon.