'Pervert' Elderly Man Gets 8-Inch Long Artillery Shell Stuck in His Rectum; Causes Bomb Scare at French Hospital

A pervert elderly French man caused a partial evacuation of a hospital after he arrived with an eight-inch unexploded artillery shell from World War I lodged in his rectum. The incident took place at Hospital Sainte Musse in Toulon, southern France.

french man
The artillery shell from World War I removed from the rectum of 88-year-old man. Twitter

Hospital Called in Bomb Disposal Personnel

The incident occurred at 9.00 pm on Saturday. Speaking to Var-Matin, a French publication, a hospital spokesperson stated that the emergency required the intervention of bomb disposal personnel, the evacuation of adult and pediatric emergencies as well as the diversion of incoming emergencies. "We had to manage the risk in a reactive framework. When in doubt, we took all the precautions," said the spokesperson.

Later, the bomb disposal experts at the scene found that there was little possibility the shell would explode inside the man. "They reassured us by telling us that it was a collector's item from the First World War, used by the French military," the hospital stated.

The outlet further stated that the shell was almost 8 inches long and more than 2 inches wide. It was removed from the man's rectum by cutting open his abdomen during a surgery.

Incident Shocks Many on Social Media

Expressing shock over the "object" found in the 88-year-old's rectum, one of the doctors told the outlet, "An apple, a mango, or even a can of shaving foam, we are used to finding unusual objects inserted where they shouldn't be. But a shell? Never!"

According to the hospital, the man is now in "good health" and is expected to make a full recovery from the surgery. In the meantime, the incident received a lot of reactions from the social media users. "I've got a bomb in my butt! 88-year-old French man causes hospital in Toulon to be evacuated when he shows up with 8 inch artillery shell lodged in his rectum Buy a butt plug next time, M0R0N," tweeted a user.

"A French hospital was evacuated after an 88yro man arrived with a World War I artillery shell lodged in his rectum. Doctors though, were quick to point out, the man did make #history come alive," tweeted another.

"Sometimes I see a news headline that makes me question whether or not our species will survive much longer. For example.. Man sparks hospital evacuation after arriving with 8in WWI artillery shell stuck in his rectum," wrote a user.