Pete Davidson Pushes Back Overzealous Knicks Fan After He Appears to Hug Him at Madison Square Garden [WATCH]

The 29-year-old Davidson didn't like it and shoved the over-enthusiastic fan away, apparently requesting that he back off.

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Pete Davidson is at the center of controversy once again. This time he pushed back a fan who he felt got too close to him after a New York Knicks NBA playoff win at Madison Square Garden. Davidson was among the many celebrities in attendance at Madison Square Garden on Sunday to watch the Knicks defeat the Cavaliers 102-93 to grab a 3-1 series lead.

Davidson stayed back for a while after the game and posed for photos with fans. One of the fans approached the 'Saturday Night Live' actor and Taco Bell spokesperson while he was taking photographs with a fan's smartphone and wrapped his arm around him. Davidson took offense and pushed him back.

Too Close for Comfort

A video of the incident posted online shows Davidson sitting next to fellow comedian John Stewart as they watched the Knicks defeat the Cavaliers on Sunday afternoon. After the game, Davidson—who was just named the host of the Saturday Night Live show airing on May 6—took the opportunity to take pictures with a lot of his admirers.

Davidson was interacting with other fans while a man in a pink polo shirt and a Knicks hat snuck behind him for several of these shots and hovered about him.

Pete Davidson
Pete Davidson is seen shoving the Knicks fan who appeared to get too close to him Twitter

One Twitter user "@ImClique_" shared a video of the man with the pink shirt putting his arm around Davidson and trying to speak to him as if they were close friends.

The 29-year-old Davidson didn't like it and shoved the over-enthusiastic fan away, apparently requesting that he back off.

After speaking with the other man briefly, the fan continued on his way.

Pete Davidson
Pete Davidson warned the fan not to get too close Twitter

After exchanging a few words, the fan went on his way. Once the fan left, Davidson continued taking selfies with other fans for a while. However, he was seen shaking his head and looked annoyed by the fan who got too close.

In the Heat of the Moment

As of now, Davidson hasn't addressed the incident publicly, and it's not apparent if the fan was asked to leave the arena following the incident.

Pete Davidson
Pete Davidson seen at the Madison Square Garden during the Knicks vs Cavaliers match Twitter

The comedian was all grins throughout the contest although the Knicks won 102-93 to take a commanding 3-1 lead over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Henrik Lundqvist, a former goalie for the New York Rangers, and his wife Therese Andersson were seated directly behind Davidson and Stewart when the incident took place.

Pete Davidson
Pete Davidson Twitter

The outing comes just one week after it was announced that Davidson would be returning to 'Saturday Night Live' the following month.

Davidson who grew up in Staten Island, rose to fame while performing on 'Saturday Night Live' from 2014 to 22. He will be promoting his upcoming Peacock series 'Bupkis', which premieres on the streaming platform on May 4 and is partially based on his real life.

Davidson had a full film schedule in 2022, appearing in 'I Want You Back' and 'Bodies, Bodies, Bodies', and providing the voice of 'Marmaduke.'

Pete Davidson
Pete Davidson Twitter

The comedian also made an appearance in 'Who Killed Santa? A Murderville Murder Mystery', three episodes of 'The Rookie', and one episode of 'The Kids in the Hall'.

Davidson also appeared in the 2022 productions 'Meet Cute' with Kaley Cuoco and 'Good Mourning' alongside Machine Gun Kelly and Mod Sun, who also wrote and directed the films.

He recently had a nine-month relationship with Kim Kardashian, which ended in August of last year. He is presently dating Chase Sui Wonders, his co-star of "Bodies, Bodies, Bodies."