Pastor Colby D Mitchell Sex Tape With Gay Partner Leaked Online; Blames Ex-Lover's 'Baby Mama' (Video)

A graphic sex tape of a pastor went viral on social media after he sought apology for the same during an interview on YouTube. Pastor Colby D Mitchell is seen having an intercourse with another man in the viral clip.

The 34-year-old motivational speaker has received a lot of bashing on the social media following the leak of the clip, which was shot five years ago.

Pastor Colby D Mitchell
Pastor Colby D Mitchell Facebook

Man in Video Is Pastor's Ex-Lover

The 43-second clip, which went viral on social media, features Mitchell engaging in anal sex with an unidentified semi naked man wearing a red vest. The video was being recorded by Mitchell's partner and it appeared that the pastor was aware about being recorded in the act. Lifeissuesblog, which uploaded the video on its site, stated that the US pastor was having intercourse with an unidentified man alleged to be his gay partner.

Rattled by the leak, Mitchell apologized for the leak during an interview with YouTuber Larry Reid. The online interview which was streamed live has received over 33,000 views.

Stating that the unidentified man in the leaked clip was a former partner, Mitchell said that he was feeling depressed following the controversial clip being leaked. "I'm sorry for being exposed on Facebook... that'd been a long time. Five years," he told Reid.

Social Media Lashes Out at the Pastor

Revealing that he stayed silent about his relationships as he did not want to come out, the pastor said that the video was released by the baby mama of his ex-lover in the video.

Mitchell, who boasts of 24,000 followers on Facebook , often uses the platform to deliver religious sermons. He also regularly posts about his talks as guest speaker at various events.

As per his recent post, Mitchell attended Embracing Impact, an event where people who have created positive change deliver motivational speeches.

The clip generated a lot of ire against the pastor. "Apparently some homophobic pastor that got caught up in a sex tape," wrote a Twitter user.

"Noticing everybody that has a scandal themselves are taking JOY in the sex tape of #colbyMitchell And they're the ones keeping it going. The rest of us DON'T CARE!" read another tweet.