Bronx Road Rage Killing: Man Beaten to Death By Angry Crowd After Car Crash

Geuris Guillermo, a 42-year-old man, was beaten to death by an angry crowd following a car crash in Bronx. The police have arrested two suspects and charged them with attempted murder, assault, and other counts. However, the attack was raised to homicide following Guillermo's death.

Prosecutors had asked the two men be held without bail, a spokeswoman for Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark said.

Geuris Guillermo
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Attackers Demanded Cash, Stole Musical Equipment

According to the Daily News, in the incident which took place at 2.40 am on Sunday, Guillermo and his brother Ambiori Guillermo were travelling in a car when it collided with another vehicle on the corner of East 176 Street and Carter Ave. in Mount Hope.

Following the crash, a group of 10-15 people attacked the brothers and after pulling out Guillermo repeatedly thrashed his head against the concrete. Guillermo lost consciousness and suffered bleeding to his brain. He died on Tuesday.

The police said that the two men travelling in the other car asked for cash from the brothers following which the beating started.

Not done with beating the victims, the attackers also stole the musical equipment kept in the car and threw the clothes on the ground.

Victim's Kin Fear Another Attack

As per the criminal complaint, one of the accused, identified as Luciano Norales, told the detectives that he did not hit the victim but was angry enough to do the same. "I didn't hit him. But I wanted to so badly. I was so angry but I didn't. I grabbed him and I said I need your information, and then he ran," Norales said.

Thomas Ellington, the second suspect, denied stealing anything from the victims' car and tried to stop everything. "I took some stuff out but I didn't take nothing. Other people were in the car and I said do whatever you want to do. But I tried to stop everything. I was taking clothes out or whatever," Ellington said. He added that while someone took a speaker he just took the clothes out and put them on the floor.

Seeking justice for Guillermo's death, his sister Mary Guillermo said that justice needs to be served and attackers need to be put on blast. Speaking to the outlet Mary said, "My family is scared. We fear for our family."