Park Hae Jin's bold confession after Winning his 1st Daesang at MBC Drama Awards

How often we see actors underplaying their contribution in the success of their projects? Here is one such star who has refused to take credit for his award-winning performance. Well, we are talking about Park Hae Jin, who won the Daesang at the 2020 MBC Drama Awards held on 31 December in Seoul.

Park Hae Jin
Park Hae Jin. Park Hae Jin Instagram

The actor has humbly confessed that he did not expect to win the big prize at the first place and he texted "sorry" messages to people after he was honoured at the 2020 MBC Drama Awards. "I didn't do much, but I somehow ended up receiving a Daesang. I sent out texts to people saying, 'I'm sorry that I was the one to receive it.' During my life as an actor, I thought to myself, 'Will I ever be able to win this kind of award?'" he is quoted as saying

The 37-year old credits 'luck' factor played a major role in winning the Daesang. "I think at least 50 percent of my winning this award was luck," he gives 40 percent credit to the strength of the drama itself, while confessing he had just 10 percent to contribute.

Mixed Feelings

Park Hae Jin says that he had mixed feelings over winning the Daesang in 2020. He claims, "When accepting awards, I've seen many people express that they feel burdened and say, 'I don't know if I deserve to win this award.' Now I understand why they said that. Maybe because of the current situation, but rather than feeling pure joy upon receiving the award, I kept thinking, 'What should I do? I'm in big trouble.' I had a lot of mixed feelings."

The MBC TV's Kkondae Intern, which won a couple of honours at the MBC Drama Awards that include Drama of the Year, is a workplace comedy series about a man lording over a previous boss, who made his life miserable during his childhood days. Nam Sung-woo's series also had Kim Eung-soo as Lee Man-sik in the main lead role.

The actor has revealed that he enjoyed working on the project and claimed that there was lots of camaraderie among the cast and crew. When asked about about Kkondae Intern 2, Park Hae Jin said, "I'm also in a position where I'm waiting to hear about it. Even if it isn't 'Kkondae Intern,' I really want to work with this team again on another project no matter what."

The Heaven and Earth star is also in talks for a new project the details of which he will reveal later.

This article was first published on January 2, 2021