REVEALED: Plot, Names of 7 Actors Who Will Play BTS Members in BTS-Universe Drama YOUTH

Title of the drama has been changed from Blue Sky to YOUTH. Here is the name of seven rookie actors playing BTS members and also the secrets behind their painful youth

Details of the secret project YOUTH, BTS-Universe drama, have been revealed now. Along with the change of the title from Blue Sky to YOUTH, the production house has also revealed the names of seven actors who will play BTS members – Jin, Suga, J-Hope, V, RM, Jimin and Jungkook. YOUTH is all set to air in 2021.

The project was kept a secret and no details were allowed to be leaked to the public. Reports had claimed that the crew and cast were asked to sign papers of secrecy and even the script was being delivered to the actors through a designated member. Now, the wait is over, here are the details including names of actors who will play the BTS members in the drama.

Seo Ji Hoon Jeon Jin Seo Ahn
Seo Ji Hoon, Jeon Jin Seo and Ahn Ji Ho play roles of BTS members in the drama YOUTH. Instagram

The drama YOUTH is produced by Kim Jae Hong of Your Neighbor's Wife and Steal Heart. The drama is penned down by Kim Soo Jin of Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo fame. The drama based on the BTS Universe revolves around the story of seven young people who grow into celebrities after struggling with precarious situations in their lives.

The Cast

Eldest BTS member Jin's role will be played by Seo Jo Hoon. Seo is known for his roles in dramas Men are Men, Welcome, Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency, and School 2017. The role of Suga is being played by No Jong Hyun of Kkondae Intern, Life on Mars, and Because This Is My First Life fame.

Role of J-Hope is played by Ahn Ji Ho who made is acting debut at the age of 12 with the movie Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned in 2016. He has also acted in movies Inseparable Bros and The House of Us. Recently, he was seen in the drama Nobody Knows.

Seo Young Ju will be seen as RM and is known for his roles in the movie Lingering in 2019 and dramas including Solomon's Perjury, Lingerie Girls' Generation, Beautiful World and his latest drama was Nobody Knows.

Kim Yoon Woo will be seen playing the role of Jimin. However, the details of rookie actor's previous works are not known. Jung Woo Jin plays V. He is known for his performance in the movie Marionette and main lead in the drama Sometoon 2020. Lastly, Jeon Jin Seo plays the youngest member of BTS team, Jungkook. He is well known for his performance in the 2020's hit drama World Of The Married.

The plot, Secrets Behind the Youth of BTS Members

Seo plays Jin who is forced to fulfill his father's dream. With no freedom to live according to his choice, the boy grows in the shadow of his influential father who works in the National Assembly. Thus, he grows having difficulty in expressing himself due to the restricted environment and lives according to the plan set by his father, until the change arrives!

No playing Suga is haunted by rumors all his life. The rumor of him killing his own mother and setting the house on fire makes him shut himself to the outer word. He puts up a cold appearance so nobody bullies him. But in reality, the boy filled with warmth who loved his mother a lot, takes piano as his friend. He becomes himself when he meets Jungkook.

Ahn plays J-Hope known as dancing machine and is full of positive attitude. He was abandoned as a child in a park, but makes sure that his past doesn't affect him live a bright life.

Seo Young Ju plays RM, a tough boy who wants to live an ordinary life. Because of adversities in life he grows up into an adult earlier than others. A responsible boy juggling between part time jobs makes sure that he stands first in whatever he does.

Kim Yoon Woo who plays Jimin, hides a secret behind his bright smile. The boy who has a traumatic experience because of overprotection of family ends up making up things and lying in his youth. He feels it difficult to face realities of life.

Jung who plays V, lives with his drunk father. V is an innocent boy, who waits for the return of his mother, who leaves house because of father's atrocities. Disappearance of his mother results in father's transformation into a decent man.

Jeon who plays Jungkook is a boy full of curiosity. Growing with an unstable family, he tries to find happiness in curiosity about everything in the world. Life of the boy who is indifferent to life and death changes when he meets his hyungs [elder brothers] in the form of BTS.