BTOB Unfollows Ilhoon on Instagram Moments After He Left The Band Over Marijuana Case

Seven-member band BTOB is now reduced to six members following Jung Ilhoon's exit from the group after being caught in Marijuana usage case. Cube Entertainment formally announced the news in a press release on Thursday, 31 December.

BTOB unfollows Ilhoon
BTOB unfollows Ilhoon on Insta. Instagram

It has apologized to the people over the incident and claimed that Ilhoon feels strongly responsible for breaking the trust of fans. "Respecting his opinion to no longer cause harm to the group, it was decided that he will withdraw from the group as of today," the group said.

"We feel strong responsibility for this recent incident, and we will do our duty in order for him to diligently participate in the upcoming investigation," Cube Entertainment added in a press release.

However, what took many by surprise is the band's decision to unfollow Ilhoon on Instagram moments after his exit was announced. Fans were not unhappy with the band for reacting so quickly as he is yet to be proven guilty in the case.

BTOB unfollows Ilhoon
BTOB unfollows Ilhoon. Twitter

Ilhoon is being investigated by South Korean Police for marijuana usage. In a statement, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency recently said that the star was referred for prosecution in July for violating the country's Narcotics Control Act.

As per the reports, the 26-year old had used marijuana with acquaintances multiple times for four to five years ago until last year, police were able to confirm through testimonies from accomplices, claimed reports.

The band was formed in 2012 by Cube Entertainment. With Ilhoon gone, Seo Eun-Kwang, Lee Min-hyuk, Lee Chang-sub, Im Hyun-Sik and Peniel Shin are the other members of the boy band.

Check out Fans' Reaction:

IIIJ J: I think its time for me to say goodbye to btob since ilhoon is not a member anymore and to melody i've never seen a fandom like you guys . I just order my melobong it will deliver maybe next week now i dont know what to do with

Toya: I don't know this guy but weed anit that big of a deal, get him help don't ostracize him. No one is perfect.

Nie_nie: Why Cube being like this.. can't they just support him and don't kick him leave Btob??. He is the best composer and singer

비투비-멜로디: This is prank, right? Tell me that's just a prank please:((

AngieGlowing star: Melody aren't we gonna plead for this matter???? Can't we bring Ilhoon back? Loudly crying face

Titser Joy:Wth. He's innocent until proven guilty.
Ilhoon be strong.

cornu blue days Loudly crying faceBlue heart: LEASE SOMEONE TELL ME THIS IS ALL LIE!!!

This article was first published on December 31, 2020